1. Myth: You have to have sex every night to be happy in your marriage.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

For some, this is a nightmarish myth that should be debunked immediately, for someone it is a sweet and pipe dream. The truth is that with all the variety of temperaments, schedules of sexual activity and preferences, for the sake of happiness in marriage, you will have to rub and rub against each other. And adapt to the peaks of the partner’s activity.


2. Myth: You should easily reach the pinnacle of bliss every time you make love.

Even if your lover is a sex god who knows where your button is, it all depends on your personality. As long as it’s good for both of you. You don’t have to tick the “Orgasm” box each time.

3. Myth: Why didn’t you wax all over your body? Get out, hairy monster!

In fact, many men are perplexed why they mock themselves like that. Self-care is a good thing, but it is better to do without fanaticism.

4. Myth: Menstruation in the eyes of a man is horror and disgusting.

Well, yes, if he is 14 years old. An adult and adequate guy perceives everything normally and is not embarrassed when you ask him to go to the pharmacy for tampons.


5. Myth: The missionary position is boring.

It has so many variations that even in it alone you can achieve a certain variety. Then, not all delicacies are there – borscht is also needed.


6. Myth: “Having sex in a condom is like smelling a rose in a gas mask.”

I don’t even want to write about it.

And suffering from urogenital infections is like wiping yourself with a hedgehog. We are silent already about the delights of abortion and the unappetizing comparisons that are suggested here.

7. Myth: And if you still gave in to his persuasion to leave the “gas mask” in your pouch and eventually caught an STD – this is a stigma for life.

Here it is not. This is not a label, this is a lesson. Just continue to be more careful and carefully take care of your health. Also, choose your partner carefully.


8. Myth: Everything in life should be tried.

Usually they say this when they want to persuade you to have anal sex. Or even cleaner – to the love of three (and more). Remember, this is your choice and yours alone. And no one has the right to accuse you of not being a modern, independent or liberated woman if you do not like this or that non-standard kind of sex.

9. Myth: If you did not have a simultaneous orgasm – you do not have sexual harmony.

Guys, this is rare. Or something from the field of cinema and ladies’ novels. You are more likely to respond in chorus to someone’s unexpected question.

10. Myth: If you’re not wet “out there”, you’re not aroused.

There are many reasons why you don’t get enough lube when you’re aroused. Even a certain period of the cycle. Lubricant help.


11. Myth: The longer sex lasts, the better.

It’s a matter of your individual preference. Among women, there are also sprinters and marathon runners. One is ready to continue at least day and night, the other is already rubbed or tired.

12. Myth: Say thank you that he even condescended to give you oral sex.

No one should sit and suffer on the sly from inept vacuum cleaner cunnilingus, embarrassed to tell a partner to do it a little differently. Share your wishes with him or show one of our many articles on this topic – and everyone will only benefit.

13. Myth: Men love expensive lingerie.

To be honest, not every one of them is able to appreciate it. A lot of people will faint when they find out how much you paid for it.

And some in vain are embarrassed and tense. Since if you put on all these garters, stockings and don’t understand what else, it means that you expect something incredible from him, and he just wanted to read a sports column, chew a sandwich with sausage – and bainki.