The “deep throat” technique (putting the entire penis into the mouth) is obviously not for everyone, and that’s okay. How do women really feel doing this? Let them speak for themselves!

Pleasure without end: 12 opinions of women on the technique of


  1. “When his penis passes through some point in the throat, I feel pleasure, as if we are having regular sex. It feels like I have another G-spot there,” Alla, 29 years old.
  2. “I really like to breathe at this time. There is a pleasant feeling, as if he filled me completely,” Karina, 30 years old.
  3. “I relax and get excited, so I like it,” Olga, 24 years old.
  4. “It’s a wonderful feeling when I feel his pubis pressing against my face!” — Svetlana, 24 years old.
  5. “I don’t get physical pleasure from this, it’s just nice to give him joy,” Marina, 27 years old.
  6. “I like the moment of climax most of all, when he erupts inside me,” Nadezhda, 31 years old.
  7. “I would never have thought that I could overcome the reflex, but when I did it, it became very nice!” — Mila, 28 years old.
  8. “For me, this is a psychological stimulus, an important part of the pleasure,” Oksana, 22 years old.
  9. “I love it when he touches my throat. I like to please my husband, and I myself get turned on too,” Natalya, 26 years old.
  10. “I like to do it lying down, but kneeling is good too.” — Ksenia, 25
  11. “I’ve only tried it with my current partner and wonder why not before.” – Nina, 25
  12. “I get psychological pleasure from the fact that this is such a strange activity that a guy likes,” Ulyana, 27 years old.