female intimate secrets

Love brings a sense of celebration to any woman’s life. Often this wonderful feeling is overshadowed by annoying nuances, such as troubles in the intimate sphere.

Secrets of the female orgasm

Nature has created a woman beautiful, feminine, tender, but in some cases unable to experience sexual pleasure from sexual intimacy with her partner. Statistics show that more than 30% of women have never experienced orgasm at all in their lives and another 15% achieve it extremely rarely, while in men this problem occurs only in one case out of 2 thousand.

Women who do not experience orgasm in bed are in a hurry to enroll themselves in the ranks of frigid ladies, despite the assertion of doctors that frigidity in women is extremely rare, in most cases it is of a psychological nature and can be treated. American psychotherapists have developed several programs to increase the level of pleasure that a woman can receive during sex.

Secrets of the female body

Men have been trying for hundreds of years to uncover the secrets of the female body and find the mythical G-spot, but even today not everyone succeeds. According to experts, there are some female secrets in sex, the knowledge of which allows you to easily unravel the signs of female arousal and even the peculiarities of their behavior in bed.

  1. Big nose. This feature indicates that the woman is very relaxed in bed and is prone to experiments in the intimate sphere.
  2. Buttocks. This is a rather large erogenous zone, stroking the upper part of the buttocks brings orgasm closer.
  3. Redness of the skin. Increased blood circulation and, as a result, redness of the cheeks, neck and upper chest indicates that the woman is in a state of arousal and is ready for intimacy.

Secrets of female sexuality

All women, being in “the prime of life”, feel the need to be sexually attractive, but some simply do not know how to achieve this, what methods should be used for this.

Women’s Sexual Secrets:

  1. Feeling sexy. In order to be sexy, you need to prove your attractiveness to yourself, for this, list all your virtues and understand that you are not at all female body secretsworse than other attractive women.
  2. Feminine image. Remember, men are more likely to pay attention to the woman whose hair is loose and the clothes are matched to the figure, rather than the one who walks in a tracksuit and collects her hair in a bun.
  3. Cosmetics. Take care not only of the visible areas of the body, but also of those that are hidden under clothing, men are very turned on by touching velvety and delicate skin.

Remember that sexuality is not a mini skirt and high heels, it is the energy coming from a woman who is pleased with herself.