Most women do this for practical reasons, because faking an orgasm is generally quite easy. We all know what it looks like: closed eyes, tensed muscles, perhaps even a passionate “oh, yes!”, and various moans. And men tend to take it all at face value.


But in general, from a technical point of view, men can fake an orgasm in the same way – of course, subject to the use of a condom. However, for some reason, they do not do this, even when they cannot cum, say, due to severe intoxication. What is the reason?

Perhaps women are just more sensitive than men, or at least more careful about their partner’s feelings. Most of us have probably had such men who try their best, but the result is zero. But since we have a heart, and we were touched by their enthusiasm, we just showed them that they are doing a great job and doing everything right.

However, it is unlikely that men will thank you for this, because sooner or later they will come across a sexual partner who will show them where the clitoris actually is.


Maybe the issue of fake orgasms has to do with the culture of female submission that has dominated for centuries. In the bedroom, as in every other aspect of life, women were depicted as passive objects. Simply put, a man is only responsible for his own pleasure, and if a woman does not get an orgasm, this indirectly means that he is not doing his job well!

And if he fails at his task in the bedroom, how can he be strong at work? In general, if a woman does not get an orgasm, this automatically means that she encroaches on challenging the concept of male superiority on which the patriarchal society is built, not otherwise.

In addition, culture portrays women as being more chaste than men. Gender stereotypes oblige us to portray ourselves as sexually inexperienced girls who get an orgasm from one touch of a man. And if this is not so, the woman involuntarily admits that – oh, horror! – has already experienced much better feelings with someone else.

However, we can very well afford to be responsible for our own orgasms. Be honest with men and you will have sex more often as a result! Because faking an orgasm means deceiving men just as they sometimes deceive women.