When you start a conversation about the fact that masturbation is good, fun and cool, there is always at least one who will speak out against it: they say, getting an orgasm “quietly, by itself” somewhere under the covers is considered something shameful, immoral and in general, tear off your hands. To be disrespectful. But let’s be honest: the only harm that can be done to your health (and self-esteem) when masturbating is poor hygiene. That is, it is better to wash your hands with soap before a responsible occupation. And that’s all, act, sister!

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Masturbation makes sex with a man better

It would seem that sex without a man is a sign of a fool. But in reality, everything is much better: a woman who regularly engages in self-satisfaction begins to understand her body, desires and needs. Such useful information about their own sexuality will help a couple in love achieve orgasm, avoiding trial and error.


For example, you perfectly understood that nipple stimulation is not your story, and your boyfriend continues to bite, lick and touch them in every possible way, thinking that it turns you on. But it turns out that it doesn’t. In general, all his efforts do not touch you in any way. But you can tell him: “Darling, this is all fine, but if these movements are in the area of ​​​​my clitoris, it will be better.”

Masturbation makes us more beautiful and healthier

Of course, if you bring yourself to orgasm “with one left” a couple of times, your ears will not become different, your teeth will not become whiter, and your legs will not become longer. Nevertheless, with the help of masturbation, you can get an orgasm, in which your body produces the hormones of happiness – endorphins. By the way, the word “endorphin” in translation from Greek means “internal pleasure”.


Masturbation makes the pelvic muscles stronger

Regular masturbation really strengthens the pelvic muscles, which increases a woman’s sexual sensitivity. The training of these muscles is actually very important, because with a well-developed pelvis, the process of childbirth is greatly simplified and bladder control is increased.

Masturbation relieves headaches and painful PMS

For many girls and women who suffer from regular PMS pain, masturbation really helps to get rid of bad health.