Men do not know the female anatomy

It’s unfortunate, but true. In the 21st century, not all men will be able to find the clitoris “on the first try”, to say nothing of blind search. A demonstration of how everything works there, not in a picture in an encyclopedia, but in a living example, can literally turn his world upside down.
No one explains to boys the need to know how human bodies are arranged – female and male. And that’s how completely ignorant lovers grow up. It is in your power (literally – in your hands) to fix this if you take up his enlightenment.


It’s fun

Seriously, you don’t have to turn this into a lesson. But why not, if you think about it? “Now, Petrov, show me the labia minora. Well done! Now watch my hands carefully!” – you don’t have to be serious, you can joke, laugh, you can convince him that sex and masturbation are not something harsh and languid, but also light and joyful.

You show him how to please you

Perhaps the most important part of the script. Yes, you masturbate in front of him so that he understands how to make you feel great. It is strange to think that some men consider the penis the only tool with which to make you feel good.
The better he sees how your hands move, the better he can repeat. Although it may take several approaches. But that’s not bad, right?


It’s exciting. Especially if it’s mutual.

Some couples like to masturbate in front of each other – it’s almost like porn, but eminently ethical. No need to hide in the twilight, no need to do it secretly – on the contrary, it’s better to show each other everything that you can do.
By the way, you can not reach the peak at the same time and complete what you started not opposite each other, but together.

This is how you learn to love your body

Especially if you hear that you are beautiful, tender, that he likes you everywhere and he is pleased to see how well you feel.
This is a great self-confidence pill. Supplement that does not need to be bought. We all need to hear more about how beautiful and wonderful we are. Whole.

This is how you diversify your sex

Unless you’re doing it every day, mirror masturbation will become something special, something that will probably go into your sex schedule.


There will be a reason to get a new toy

No one forces you to masturbate exclusively with your fingers. You can go to a sex shop with your partner so that you can choose something interesting together. Not to mention that this is an excuse to show him what kind of toys you like. And then some men still think that women prefer dildos.