A survey of 3,000 Americans found that 45% of men are not completely honest when it comes to sexual fantasies. Of course, the topic itself is not an easy one (especially considering that until recently it was indecent to talk about it), but there are fewer silences among women – 41%.

There are many reasons for suppressing fantasies. For example, it is more pleasant for someone to think about something like this with self-satisfaction, someone is shy or afraid of condemnation from a partner.

Nevertheless, it is worth trying to talk about it, even if you do not plan to fulfill your fantasy. Discussing secrets helps you get closer to your partner, and in general, talking about sex and desires in bed improves intimate life. But shame or the thought that your fantasies are dirty and vicious, drive away.

The survey has other interesting results. Thus, most people honestly say whether they have sexual infections, and a considerable number of participants from time to time feign an orgasm. The latter, by the way, is not very good, and a frank conversation about sex will help solve this problem too.