Regular sex. Sex for a married woman is a regular action. In addition, when a beloved and only man appears in a girl’s life, sex reaches a new level – it becomes more reverent, more conscious. A man already understands exactly all the desires of his wife, which allows him to give her the best orgasms in her life, and a girl who does not have a permanent partner has to grind, adjust, so that sex is really good.

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Moral support from a man. When a man becomes not only a gentleman with whom it is pleasant to discuss the latest news and movie news, but a real wall behind which you want to hide, it is really worth a lot. Any problems that may arise in life are solved together.


Financial support. It’s also a nice part of family life. From the moment when lovers become spouses, a great responsibility for the well-being of the family falls on men’s shoulders. Of course, this is not a reason to spend all your money solely on manicures and massages, but life becomes much easier.

Confidence and stability. One of the main reasons why people get married is the confidence that a person will be with you all your life, will become a support and support in all situations. Many free girls aspire to just such a relationship.


Opportunity to focus on your career. When a girl has fulfilled her minimum plan and found a worthy spouse, she has time to devote herself to finding success in the professional field.


No annoying questions. What girl likes it when even a grandmother loses hope that her granddaughter will get married? Or married friends who ask: “Well, when are we going to take a walk at your wedding?” Girls, calm down – everything has its time. But these questions are really annoying.

Pimping. You come to a party, and you are immediately introduced to a “promising, successful and handsome” guy who, just like you, awkwardly looks at the floor and wonders what is happening. When you come to the same party, but already arm in arm with your beloved man, all these candidates become invisible. Now you can drink tequila and relax.

Problem of choice. It seems that everyone around is so sweet and caring that they could make you a good match. But over time, it turns out that one is an alcoholic, the other is a careerist, and the third is gay. Head is spinning! A married woman also has her own headache, but at least not on this occasion.


Big family. A wedding is not only the union of two loving hearts, but also the families of the newlyweds. Now you have some kind grandmothers who treat you with pies, two mothers who can give good advice and many brothers and sisters.

Birth of a child. An important mission of any girl who has reached the age of majority is to give this world a few more children as charming as mom and as strong as dad. Of course, now for the birth of a child, many girls consider marriage an optional condition, but still I want the baby to grow up in a strong and friendly family.