Long gone are the days when, before the wedding night, mothers admonished their daughters: “The main thing you have to do is lie on your back and think about England.” More than a dozen copies have already been broken in the battle of discussions about what orgasms are – clitoral, vaginal or uterine. Everyone has already recognized that all women are capable of experiencing orgasms and even multi-orgasms, but so far no one has really said what the value of this very orgasm for a woman is.


Let’s correct this injustice and consider what gives a woman an orgasm.

Valeria Aginskaya

sexologist, director of the Secrets Family and Sex Education Center

The notorious endorphins

Sex is the strongest and most natural source of endorphins, and during orgasm, the greatest amount of these hormones of happiness is produced. Endorphins are substances that are produced by our body during all the pleasant activities for us. With a lack of endorphins, we become depressed, our mood drops, and we become irritable and touchy. We try to compensate for the lack of endorphins from a high-quality orgasm through other pleasant activities – for example, through food or shopping, and we just compensate: we eat when we don’t really want to eat, we buy not because we need or really liked the dress, but to give yourself a pleasant feeling. Thus, if you want to avoid figure problems and make fewer purchases that you will never wear, you simply need to get quality orgasms from your loved one.




During intense sex, the body receives a fairly good dose of activity and stress, but due to the fact that a woman’s body is more than adapted to such stress, an orgasm tones up much better than visiting an elite gym.


During a high-quality orgasm, the body is completely discharged, the accumulated tension of the nervous system is relieved, almost all muscles relax, due to which many blocks and clamps in the body go away, microwrinkles are smoothed out, the body begins to work easily and correctly, as it should. Sometimes, due to the fact that the clamps in the body go away, a proud posture appears, the gait becomes light and beautiful, which is the best effect on your beauty.



When a woman does not have an orgasm, although she tells her partner that she is satisfied, in fact she feels some kind of incompleteness in the process. If this happens for a long time, she begins to feel an unequal exchange in an intimate way and unconsciously takes revenge on her partner in other areas. This can manifest itself both in everyday terms – to do not as well as it could, and psychologically – in the form of scandals and tantrums from scratch.

Now that we have learned about all the wonderful properties of orgasm, it’s time to figure out how to get it, if for some reason this still does not happen. You should not immediately blame your partner for everything – when you get an orgasm, you must first of all start with yourself.


How to reach an orgasm

First you need to get to know yourself and your body, find out what excites you more, what erogenous zones you have already awakened and what caresses you prefer. A woman’s body is one big erogenous zone, and your task is to awaken it all, then sex with your beloved will be the highest pleasure for you.

Buy yourself beautiful erotic lingerie, turn on the music and start dancing in front of the mirror. Then take a relaxing bath, light candles, close your eyes and with slow movements, starting from your shoulders and ending with your feet, stroke yourself, listening to your feelings: your task is to find out which zones are reacting. Do this procedure for 7 days. Then add to your ritual the use of a small vibrator. If you practice this ritual for 21 days, you will have sensitivity and sensuality, and you will be surprised what sex with the man you love can be like.



It is also possible that you still have weak intimate muscles, and the efforts that they can develop are not enough to experience a full orgasm. But this does not matter: there is a special program for training intimate muscles, and it is called imbuilding. You can also find a number of schools and training centers where they will show you and tell you how to practice imbuilding correctly.

And so that sex with a partner does not turn into a banal pastime, you can learn many techniques and practices in special centers – and we are not talking about banal poses from the Kama Sutra, but about something much more. Believe me, you will be interested.

Our Secrets Marriage and Sex Education Center regularly hosts free classes on the best sex techniques. On September 19, as part of the Client’s Day, we will conduct a free course “The Ideal Lover: The Best Techniques”, in which we will also touch on the topic of awakening the female orgasm. You can sign up for the course here. Registration is required!