The classic doggy style and its various variations are reminiscent of animal copulation. When a man offers to have sex in a position from behind, male instincts wake up in him. The desire to rule the world and his woman gives him confidence and gives him the opportunity to feel like the king of the situation. And these are not the only moments in which the position from behind during sex is considered one of the favorites of many guys.


Reasons to Love Sex Positions from Behind

Many girls, having heard the name of the position in sex from behind, associate it with humiliation. Especially in this case they are forced to play a passive role. It depends on a man how much he can liberate his partner and take care of her getting an orgasm.

The choice of this position is due to many reasons, among which there are physical and psychological. Guys have their own associations and explanations why they like the back position in sex so much.

  • Deep penetration, helping to achieve a brighter orgasm. In this position, the partner can stimulate the posterior and anterior walls of the vagina, where the G-spot is supposed to be.
  • The view of the girl is mesmerizing. Moreover, her chic charms and curves appear to the male gaze. He does not see the partner’s face, as well as the reactions to what is happening, he only hears the accompanying sounds. Thanks to this, the position for sex, when the guy is behind, gives a certain amount of freedom and a slightly selfish opportunity to enjoy your own sensations.
  • A convenient arrangement of bodies provides a chance to caress the breasts and clitoris with one hand, stroke the back and hips, without being distracted from the main process. In this position, it will not be difficult to reach the main erogenous zones, delivering additional sexual pleasure to her and tactile to yourself. In the missionary position, in contrast to sex from behind, it is problematic to pull it all off.
  • A sudden surging desire can be satisfied almost anywhere (within the limits of decency, of course). And you don’t even need a bed. Close for a while in the bathroom if you stayed overnight at a party, or sit in the back seat of the car. The position, when during sex a man is behind a woman, allows you to open only the necessary zones without completely undressing. Spontaneous contact will help you get enough of passion until the next time and other positions.
  • Complete control over the situation is a manifestation of the strengths of the guys. Since the sex position of cancer from behind implies reliance on hands (in most cases), the woman practically does not own the position. A man is aware of his own importance and takes the opportunity to dominate, follow his instincts.
  • A variety of positions with apparent uniformity leads to interesting experiments. In addition to using all sorts of pieces of furniture, these sex positions involve the man entering from behind while kneeling, on straight legs, or stooping over his partner. It can keep it in the air or lower its head to the floor, sit down or sit on the side. The position in sex from behind is available and lying down. It all depends on the imagination of both.
  • Switching to another type of pleasure is more convenient. Behind, as a rule, the best positions for anal sex. If trust reigns between partners (and the position itself, from the point of view of a woman, expresses this), then you can comprehend different levels of sexual contacts.



Why do men think that the back position in sex is very successful, we understand. But women in it often do not have enough eye contact. In terms of emotions, it’s as if everyone is on their own here.

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But there are options to change the situation. Both partners are on their knees, and the girl presses her back against the guy. This is a sex position from behind when a woman can approach a man and feel his warmth and touch.

His lips are close to her ear, with a slight turn of his head back, kisses are available. And at a certain angle and inclination in the doggy-style position, the posterior wall of the vagina is stimulated. This position from behind in sex wins, unlike the same rider.


In addition to the above reasons, men highlight personal piquant pluses for performing techniques from behind. Here are some opinions supporting our theory.

Posture from behind allows you to control the process

– Most men understand that women “rule” in life both them and life, and this position in sex allows you to experience the illusion of our power over a woman. And often, when you have sex from behind with your beloved, who is guilty of something, erotic fantasies appear.

Or you just want dirty talk: in this position, it’s most tempting to whisper in her ear or shout (depending on the situation): “Now I’ll punish you! Who am I going to punish now?!” I’m sure many of you are familiar with such “punishments”.

And why do men like to have their woman from behind? There is a purely physiological explanation: this position allows us to control the pace and other processes of sexual intercourse, including the release of sperm.


Andrey, 37 years old, lawyer

Back sex position option saves energy

– Firstly, I think that the back position is strategically convenient for a man, because it is in it that it is easiest to switch from classic to anal sex. Secondly, a man is a conqueror by nature, and in this position he alone is the helmsman and sets the rhythm.

Thirdly, what I like the most is that the doggy style is an “energy-saving” pose. Especially if the man is on his knees. Forces are spent quite a bit and you practically don’t have to sweat, but you just enjoy it. And the pleasure from this position is even greater than, for example, from the classical one, because you can enter the penis most deeply, and this is important.


Mark, 29, massage therapist


Men prefer from behind because of the effect of spontaneity

– Why do men like the back position more than many others? It’s simple: during sex in this position, the most convenient overview of the girl’s exciting places opens, and this is additional excitement, because we want our eyes too.

In addition, this is the most comfortable position for spontaneous sex in unexpected places: in the park, train vestibule, elevator. Memories of this then excite and force you to use it in bed during everyday coitus.

Well, to be honest to the end, I use this position when I have sex with an unsympathetic or unloved girl who I don’t want to look at. So you can imagine not her, but another, because at this moment you do not see the face. And if you close your eyes, she won’t see it. And for some reason, it seems to me that the back option is ideal for sex in the heat, when the contact of the bodies in the position is minimal, and you sweat quickly.


Kirill, 35 years old, teacher

In the pose from behind, access to all places is opened.

– My girlfriend and I rarely make love in this position, because because of my impressive size it hurts her, and the depth of penetration here is maximum. But still, I sometimes insist on this sex position: it turns me on when she arches her back incredibly sexy, and I enter her. In addition, at this moment you can squeeze her breasts with your hands and stroke her stomach, caress the clitoris and even slap her ass! All this adds spice to the process, and the excitement from this only increases.

Ivan, 26 years old, advertising manager.

In conclusion, we note that sex positions, when a man penetrates a partner while standing from behind, should be comfortable for both partners. Movements are careful and slow, especially at the beginning. Too sudden entry and intense thrusts can cause pain and injury to the woman.


It is also important to control the depth of penetration in order to avoid discomfort. It is advisable to take time for the foreplay. The girl should be as excited as possible so that natural lubrication stands out, and sex in the back position went smoothly. Or you need to use a lubricant.

You can whisper to your partner about her emotions, because her facial expressions are not visible. The sex position from behind is controversial for many women, but the sensitive attitude of a partner can instill in her a love for his preferences.