The most interesting thing is that if you try to answer the question of what kind of breasts men like, it turns out that each type has fans. The leaders, of course, are voluminous and elastic, and that’s why men like big breasts – this is the strongest sexual stimulus. Remember Pamela Anderson – and indeed any celebrity who has been in the tops of the hottest stars – almost everyone has absolutely outstanding breasts.


But then the question arises why men like small breasts. In addition to the banal “matter of taste”, men also explain these preferences as follows: small breasts always retain their shape and are almost not subject to that same heartless gravity. And its owner may seem younger.

How to caress your chest

There are also “gourmet” men who prefer a certain shape of breasts, and even those who choose according to the size and shape of the nipples. One thing is clear – no one is indifferent here. So why do men like women’s breasts? Experts have their own guesses.

Why men like women’s breasts: a scientific explanation

The first and foremost explanation of psychologists is genetic attachment. The female breast is the main thing for any baby, it is imprinted in the subconscious of a man for life as a symbol of psychological and bodily comfort, satiety and security. It is impossible to overestimate the desire to cuddle up to a woman’s breasts, to reawaken these feelings of peace – this is why men like to touch women’s breasts. In addition, many psychologists assure that the fetish for a certain female breast in men is also fixed, depending on what the mother’s breast was. But here the men themselves are already arguing, telling, for example, that the mother was small and thin, and the man himself is crazy about his huge breasts. So it’s most likely just a myth.


Another version of why men like girls with big breasts. She excites men, because she makes it clear: the girl is ripe. That is, historically, she signaled to men that a young girl had reached puberty and could become a mother. And now an appetizing girl awakens instincts – a man simply cannot fight the legacy of his ancestors, his big breasts fascinate him.


Here is another reason why men love large breasts and can also choose curvy women. All these large female volumes can subconsciously signal to a man that a woman is healthy and strong – and not emaciated – and is an excellent candidate for bearing and nursing children.

And finally, one more fairly obvious explanation why men like large female breasts. This is again a story about infancy, but from a slightly different angle – big breasts promise a lot of milk, which means satiety. That’s why a man likes to kiss a woman’s breasts – this is a direct association with feeding.


Why do men like to caress their breasts during sex?

Understood the scientific explanation. But it is interesting to know the opinion of the men themselves, why they pay so much attention to the female breast during foreplay and sex. Why men love women’s breasts – that’s what they think about it themselves and talk about it on the Internet.

  • Why men like to touch their breasts – because, they explain, there is soft silky skin, breasts are warm and heavy. All of these are pleasant tactile sensations. And, of course, it turns on!
  • Why men like to suckle breasts – everything is quite simple here. This is part of the love game, and breasts are the erogenous zone of most women. Such caresses excite the partner, so men also like them.
  • Why men like to kiss breasts – it turns out, because the woman who was in bed with him wants to be kissed everywhere, and breasts are a great place to kiss. For the same reasons as above.


Top reasons why men like women’s breasts

Women’s breasts can make even the most boring outfit seductive. Think an old sweater can’t decorate you? Cast aside doubts, because men, most likely, will not even remember the color of this sweater! Why men love women’s breasts is already, in general, understandable, but why they become temporarily indifferent to everything else is still interesting.

  1. Women’s breasts are multifunctional. For example, men often confuse a woman’s breasts with a pillow. And scientists have long ago found out that breasts can serve as a real anti-stress for men. That’s why souvenir shops are full of breast-shaped toys. By the way, this is why men like buttocks and breasts – both parts of the body can be soft and lush.
  2. This is real hypnosis. Come on, even a woman can look at a beautiful female breast for a long time and intently. And for men, this is generally the highest happiness! I wonder how long on average a man can look at breasts without blinking and why do men love women’s breasts so much?
  3. They fit perfectly in the hand – that’s why men like women’s breasts. There is no such thing as too big or too small breasts. If she ended up in men’s hands – this is a success! And be sure he likes her very much.
  4. The chest can change shape. Depending on whether you are standing or lying, jumping or running, all this fascinates men and that’s why men love women’s breasts!
  5. Men don’t have that. Yes, they have breasts too, and some may even have bigger ones than you. But nevertheless, it is precisely this – beautiful, elastic and seductive – that not a single man has. Envy – that’s why a man likes a woman’s breasts!
  6. Another reason to hug more often. Do you know why two men do not really want to hug each other, but with a girl – for a sweet soul? It’s all about our advantage! You already know why men love a woman’s breasts, and here is another reason to touch the beauty.
  7. Just because it’s a woman’s breasts. Almost any guy to the question: “Why do men love a woman’s breasts?” will answer very simply: “Because!” Often men simply have no other arguments.