The study involved 210,000 sexually active women of childbearing age. All of them were either married or lived permanently with their sexual partner.


Among the questions were, in particular, the following: “Do you use contraceptives?” and “Have you had sex in the last four weeks?”

As it turned out, the lack or high cost of contraceptives are not the reasons why some couples do not use protection.

Much more often, women are concerned about the alleged side effects of contraceptives, such as infertility or cancer. And many women even reported that they do not use contraceptives because they rarely have sex and do not need to buy them.

So, the results showed that 90% of women who use contraceptives have had sex in the last four weeks.

Among women who do not use contraception at all, there were significantly fewer such women – 72% percent.


Most of the girls surveyed who had sex in the last month were between the ages of 20 and 29. They had college degrees and planned to have children in the next couple of years.

However, more than 225 million women in developing countries have no access to contraception at all.

Scientists consider this a serious problem, because modern contraception allows not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to lead a healthier and safer sex life.