If you come across an experienced and skillful partner who knows where the erogenous zones are in women, then your whole body can become such a zone – from the top of your head to your fingertips.

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The main erogenous zones in women: we feel and realize

Women are aware of some of their most sensitive points, which are erogenous zones. Erogenous zones on a woman’s body respond to gentle touches that excite, causing sexual desire and leading to orgasm.


1. Lips and mouth.

The lips are considered the most powerful pleasure center. The baby presses his lips to the mother’s breast, feeling safe. Later, kisses cause delight and pleasant emotions, the touch of the lips is a bright companion of a romantic relationship. What erogenous zones in women are the most “responsive” to touch? Of course, lips. You can gently run your finger over them, bite, caress with your lips and tongue – all this will cause pleasant exciting experiences.

2. Breast and nipples.

Most women are very sensitive. Perhaps this is one of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body. With the right stimulation of the nipples, a woman can achieve orgasm. When massaging the nipples, a reaction occurs in the same areas of the brain as when touching another sensitive area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe female body – the clitoris.



If you ask a question about the most erogenous zones in women, then the clitoris can be called the most sensitive place. Studies by sexologists from Canada, which were conducted several years ago, proved that touching the clitoris in women causes the brightest and sharpest range of sensual pleasures. But many women prefer to caress around this area – direct massage of the clitoris itself can cause discomfort.


4. Vagina.

Here is the same legendary G-spot. But the erogenous zones of a woman in this part of the body do not end there. Here, an attentive partner can grope for other points that cause special sensual pleasure.

5. Inner thighs.

The thin skin on the inner surface of the thighs and the close location of the genitals make this part of the body a female erogenous zone. Light strokes and kisses on the inner thighs increase attraction and sexual arousal.


6. Anus.

If you try to map a woman’s erogenous zones, then the anus and the area around it will definitely be on the list. We must remember that there is no natural lubrication, therefore, to stimulate this area, it is necessary to use a lubricant.

7. Earlobes.

Erogenous zones in men and women may coincide. For example, for many partners, gentle kisses on the earlobes are an excellent stimulating technique. The earlobes are full of nerve endings, sometimes a hot passionate whisper is enough to excite.

8. Neck, hands and wrists.

The skin in these areas is extremely sensitive. A gentle massage with kisses of these erogenous zones in women causes strong sexual arousal. Intertwining your fingers with the fingers of a partner, you can already feel an irresistible attraction to him. A kiss on the neck is the most romantic and exciting attribute in foreplay.



Erogenous zones in women: we study the points

Where are the other erogenous zones in women, the very ones about which so little is known. Many people have heard more than once about the miraculous properties of a special point G on a woman’s body, but not many people understand what is hidden behind this name, and very few people know about the existence of at least 3 more special points, the stimulation of which will give a woman especially pleasant sensations. These same erogenous zones in women are called points A, K, U, that is, the entire “female alphabet” consists of the acronym GAKU.


Let’s take a closer look at what these erogenous zones on a woman’s body are, where they are, how to stimulate them, and what effect a woman will get from stimulation.

Valeria Aginskaya

sexologist, director of the Secrets Sex Education Center

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 4-5 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. It is a hypersensitive area of ​​the vagina, measuring 1.5 to 2 cm, containing 600 nerve endings per square millimeter, unlike other areas containing no more than 30 nerve endings. That is, the stimulation of this zone will bring 20 times more pleasure. In women, this erogenous zone can be stimulated easily with a finger or a small vibrator that has the appropriate purpose and shape.

Where are the most erogenous zones in women: what you need to know about them



Point A

Where is the woman’s erogenous zone called point A? You can find this intimate point on the front of the vagina, between the bladder and the cervix, it is, like G, a supersensitive area 2 to 4 cm in size. With strong arousal, the tissues surrounding the uterus begin to contract strongly, and the male penis can penetrate her neck by almost 3 centimeters. Erogenous zones in women can not only bring orgasm closer. It is this point that does not become hypersensitive after an orgasm, which makes it possible to prolong the pleasure.


When a man wonders how many erogenous zones women have, he is unlikely to be able to find the exact answer. There are such zones that need not only to be found, but also to be awakened. For example, the K-spot is located on the back wall of the vagina, and stimulation of this point is carried out during anal sex, but provided that the wall between the rectum and the vagina is not too thickened. Stimulation of this zone, unlike the previous two zones, does not give emotionally colored experiences, love and affection for a partner, but delivers a particularly sharp and vivid orgasm.


U point

What other erogenous zones do women have? Point U is a soft erectile tissue, also permeated with nerve endings to a greater extent than the surrounding tissues. It can be found in the vestibule of the urethra. During the stimulation of the U-spot, there is a strong sexual desire and a desire to urinate at the same time. In this case, the impact is not only on the U point, but also on Skene’s glands, the so-called “prostate gland” of a woman, located throughout the spongy body of the urethra. These zones are individual for each woman and can be located at the exit of the urethra, in the middle of the canal or at the neck itself. Their location is an important factor for the sensitivity of the U-spot. During normal sex, the U-spot is not affected, so it must be stimulated separately, with circular movements of the finger. These are very sensitive female erogenous zones. Simultaneous stimulation of the G and U points in women sometimes leads to the so-called “squirt” and multiple orgasms.



Erogenous zones in women according to the zodiac sign

Today, not only sexologists, but also astrologers give advice on how to find and awaken the most sensual erogenous zones in women. And if you believe the secrets of astrology, in women born in different months of the year, sensual points are distributed differently.

The erogenous zones of the Pisces woman are located on the lower back and lower back. Gentle kisses of these skin areas contribute to strong sexual arousal.


The erogenous zones of the Virgo woman are the belly. Gentle strokes, kisses, caresses with fingers can deliver the most unforgettable sensations.

The erogenous zones of the Scorpio woman are the genitals. This is one of the most sensual signs, like cancer, and any gentle touch on the skin can cause arousal. Oral caresses can bring to ecstasy.

The erogenous zones of the Cancer woman are the lips and chest. But in this zodiac sign, the whole body is a continuous erogenous zone. It is activated only with the right caresses – gentle kisses, strokes, tingling.

Erogenous zones of the Capricorn woman – back, knees, feet. Back massage can lead to ecstasy. A gentle stroking of the feet, toes cause strong sexual arousal.


The erogenous zones of the Libra woman are the buttocks. Girls of this sign love it when a partner balances on the verge of the “golden mean”, combining gentle strokes and rough spanking on the soft part of the body.

The erogenous zones of the Taurus woman are the ears, lips, collarbone, neck. Gentle touches with the tongue or lips of these sensitive points cause a cascade of goosebumps from the resulting bliss.

The erogenous zones of the Aries woman are lips, ears, neck. Everything that is connected with sensitive points on the head, face and neck can bring this zodiac sign to ecstasy. Touches should be gentle and very sensual.

The erogenous zones of the Sagittarius woman are legs, hips, back, chest. This zodiac sign loves to experiment in bed. Even if she does not know her erogenous zones, the Sagittarius girl will definitely find them during the next new sexual game with her partner.


The erogenous zones of the Leo woman are the spine, buttocks. The representative of this zodiac sign loves a sensual back massage. She will gladly respond to tender kisses along the body and buttocks, and in response she can even scratch her partner with “claws”.

The erogenous zones of the Gemini woman are any of the most secluded corners of the body. There is only one taboo – rough, hard animal sex that hurts. But gentle caresses lead this zodiac sign into sexual delight.

The erogenous zones of the Aquarius woman are the ankles and calves. In this zodiac sign, they are very sensitive and are responsible for pleasure. Massage will help you relax, enjoy the reactions of erogenous zones to caresses and sensual touches.

And to feel a truly unforgettable pleasure, you can try to influence all zones at the same time. After all, now you know where these erogenous zones are in women.