Why caress men’s nipples at all?

Male nipples are a vestigial part of the body. This means that it does not perform any functions that would help the body in its work. Something like an appendix (only there is at least some practical benefit from it). But this does not mean at all that there is absolutely no sense in the nipples. On the contrary, a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in them, which makes them responsive to caresses during sex.


How and what to caress?


Using the palms and fingers to stimulate the nipples is the most common form of petting. The main thing is not to indulge in all serious from the very beginning, unexpectedly active stimulation can cause discomfort. You can start with light strokes of the man’s chest and barely perceptible touches on the nipples. When blood rushes to the sensitive area and the man’s nipples become more receptive to caresses, you can move on to more active stimulation.

tongue and lips

The stimulation of the tongue and lips is delicate and yet more intimate and sensual. As in the case of a blowjob, be careful with your teeth – you need to bite the nipple carefully, without much fanaticism, only if the man himself does not ask for more active and rude actions on your part. A small life hack: if the man’s nipples are not too sensitive, try placing your index and thumb on both sides of the nipple, without touching the halo, and slightly stretch the skin. This will make the nipple more sensitive to kissing, sucking, and tongue touching.



Another trick that requires the presence of a bandage on the eyes of a man. Moisten the index and middle fingers of both hands with saliva, lightly pinch the nipple between them and twist it a little. Then replace the fingers of one hand with your own lips. If you hold your breath, a man will not be able to understand which of his nipples you caress with your hands and which with your mouth.

sex toys

For caresses of the nipples, you can use sex toys, for example, a vibrating massager, turned on at the weakest mode. For more sensual caresses, you can use a special pen – thanks to it you can get incredibly gentle touches. Caressing the nipples with the help of sex toys will help to achieve such sensations that cannot be delivered by mouth or hands.

Ice Cube

Games with cold and heat can give a man incredible sensations. To avoid various awkward situations, you should prepare in advance for caressing the nipples using ice cubes – at least freeze the ice in molds (it is not necessary to freeze the water, it can be champagne or some sweet drink). Prepare also a soft towel with which you can wipe the ice drops from the body, and special ice tongs – holding it between your fingers or in your mouth can be unpleasant and too cold over time. In addition, if you use ice tongs, stimulation with a cold cube can be alternated with caressing the nipple with your mouth, which will seem just burning after the ice.


What else is important in the caresses of the nipples?

If you do not know how to approach the caresses of the nipples, start with a massage. To do this, the man must lie on his back, and you distribute the fragrant massage oil between your palms. For the greatest success, you can blindfold a man. Start stroking the man’s chest with gentle massage movements, but first do not touch the nipples or simply run them with open palms without focusing. When you feel that the man is relaxed enough, you can move on to direct stimulation with your hands, lips and tongue.
Don’t push. The fact that a man has nipples does not mean that he will like the caresses of this part of the body from the first time or at all. Nipple caresses can be ticklish or just plain uncomfortable. Using the principle of “do no harm”, start caressing the nipples with gentle, but confident movements, and watch the partner’s reaction. If you see that he does not like it, you should not continue.


Pave the way ahead of time. You can ask your man if he would like you to caress his nipples, and if he likes touching this part of the body in general. If he doesn’t mind, then the anticipation of the thematic conversation will be strong, which will only warm up the sexual interest, and if he says that he doesn’t like it, then at least you won’t get “burned” directly during sex.
If a man has a hairy chest and he is in no hurry to get rid of vegetation, you should be more careful. Hair can grow around the nipples, interfering with full-fledged caresses. In this case, do not forget to move the hairs apart so that when caressing with your mouth you do not have to: a) pull the hair out of your mouth; b) to touch the hairs on the chest with lips or teeth, causing pain in a man.

Sexologist, trainer of the Secrets family and sexual education center Anastasia Filippova