Nature has created a man strong, brave, proud. Any situation that is capable of hitting the ego can be catastrophic. Women do not immediately understand this, but only when the thought flashes through their heads: “Oops, it seems that I said something wrong.” And then – excuses and apologies for the failed joke. Men are also not averse to laughing at the chosen one, but we will talk about this another time. All eyes are on women. It depends on us to a greater extent how pleasant intimacy will be.



You can discuss extra pounds, but only carefully and not during sex. In what position will a person be when you call him a donut or a hippo (even if it sounds affectionately)? If you find yourself in the same bed with this person, it means that he is already pleasant and attractive to you. Yes, years have passed, yes, kilograms have increased. But this is fixable and certainly not a reason for jokes. My hero, my conqueror – these are the necessary words during sex.


It is correct to observe the emotions of a partner during intimacy. This is how you show complete trust in each other. Emotions help to understand what actions are pleasant to the partner and what are not. But laughing at the outward manifestation of feelings is wrong. Yes, sometimes it is really funny, in this case, just smile, live the emotion with the man. Another time in a similar situation, he will do the same.


Behavior and habits

Each of us is an individual. What is good for one may be bad for another. This is absolutely normal. That’s just laughing and even more so to sort things out right in bed is not necessary. Learn to enjoy each other’s features. If something is unpleasant, find the right time for a frank conversation and share your sexual preferences with each other.

Unexpected dimensions

It has been proven that size is not a determining parameter in sex. Why, then, in vain offend a loved one? Leave this topic for stand-up comedians. After all, he is a virtuoso of erotic caresses, and any girl will appreciate this. Forget diminutive suffixes when talking about manhood, and better focus on emotions. Orgasm occurs in the head.


Quick final

Painful topic, yes. But what should a man do when he has been waiting for you from a business trip for a whole month, when the prelude is too long, and your outfit is as frank as possible? Give a man ecstasy, let him recharge – and again into battle. Do not rush to be offended, panic and laugh. Patience will be enough.