First you need to answer the question for yourself, are you really log passive in bed. In English-language publications, lovers who do not show initiative are called pillow princesses or starfish. That is, you are lying, and your partner is trying. If you admit that you are often too lazy to respond to his caresses, you might think why this is happening and how to fix the situation.

And if not? If you always considered yourself quite a lively guy? The easiest way in this case is to directly ask your partner what he means, what actions of yours he lacks. Ask him to clarify what he would like:

By the way, let’s be honest: maybe your partner is just showing passive aggression towards you. This is a completely working option and should not be discounted, especially if it sounds like a claim, and not like a wish: “You just lie like a log!”, “Could move, why am I trying alone” … In general, A lot depends not only on what they say to you, but also on how they say it.

If you admit that you are not always active in sex, let’s think about why this happens.

Remember the most important thing – no one has the right to blame you. It happens that partners do not agree on temperament, you have a different sexual constitution or ideas about boundaries. And that’s completely normal.