Of course, if he is tired at work or has just downloaded and installed a new shooter, then neither item 3 nor item 5 will help you. A self-confident girl will not sob: “I prepared so much, tried, bought new underwear, rehearsed movements, and he lay down and snored …” She will try to catch the right moment and somehow prepare her beloved for the fact that a special night awaits him (read: you are waiting for him). And a self-confident girl

9 things confident girls do in bed

  1. Looks into the eyes. Eye contact between partners is very important, and in intimate moments it is extremely hot. (At the same time, your boyfriend will understand that at this moment you can’t imagine David Tennant in his place).
  2. Laughs at himself. Who said that you have to do everything solemnly, slowly and sadly? If you get tangled in a sheet or a strap burst on your super-sexy bodysuit, this is not a reason to lose the whole mood. Laugh and keep going.
  3. Offers to try sex toys. They can greatly diversify your intimate leisure, but it is better to agree on this in advance. Not everyone likes such surprises.
  4. Masturbates. If you know yourself, your body and its needs, you can easily explain to your loved one what you want from him.
  5. Allows him to peek. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t mind seeing you doing step 4? Because it excites him and teaches him what you love and how to please you. Well, no one has yet canceled a striptease for a loved one – remember the movie “True Lies” with Schwarzenegger (even if your boyfriend is not a special agent).
  6. Praises a partner. A kind word and a cat is pleased. Don’t forget to whisper how great you are with him and what he is especially good at.
  7. She is not silent herself and encourages her partner to do the same. When he moans (growls, screams, grunts, squeals) from pleasure, you understand that you are doing everything right, and his pleasure amplifies your own at times.
  8. Avoids open poses. When you are on top or when you, for example, lie across the bed or on the table, and he stands between your legs, he has more opportunities to see all of you.
  9. Smiling. After all, you are pleased, you are having a good time – so why not show it? A smile is a compliment without words.

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