Runny nose

We want to surprise you. If you have a stuffy nose, sex is literally prescribed for you. The soft tissues of your nose are made up of many blood vessels, just like those found in the tissues of the genitals. And those tissues can swell up, which can make your nose stuffy and you can’t breathe.


But during arousal, the sympathetic nervous system causes them to contract. Less blood pressure in the nose – less inflammation, your nose opens – and here it is, relief.
True, after an orgasm, your parasympathetic system will begin to return everything to the same position as it was.

So, what poses to choose? The ones where you won’t lie on your back. But try everything to understand which one is less difficult for you to breathe in.
Start with the spoon pose.


It is quite comfortable, soft, and in it you will not sniff your partner’s face.

My knees hurt

Knees can hurt for a hundred different reasons, it’s not our goal to sort them all out. What to do? Let’s start with what not to do: “doggy-style” (definitely), the position of the rider, well, oral caresses on the knees will also be postponed for later.

What to choose?



Try having your partner sit on a chair and sit on top of it with your feet flat on the floor (not tiptoe like in the picture).

The missionary position can also work.


The lotus position is also a good option for people with sore knees, as long as you don’t experience pain when bending them.

back hurts

Only a toothache can be compared with back pain, and if you are its victim, we sincerely sympathize with you. Let’s figure out how to help your trouble so that involuntary celibacy is not added to your back pain.



If you’re trying to have sex in the missionary position and it hurts, put a pillow under your back.

And here is another position that can help: face to face, very gently, carefully and without sudden movements.

It will be better if you have sex on a hard non-spring mattress.

Stomach hurts from menstruation

If you can’t even think about sex during this period, then you don’t need it. But it happens that it is during menstruation that the libido suddenly activates. In addition, the hormones that are produced during sex will serve as a natural analgesic for you. If it hurts, don’t be smart – choose mutual masturbation.