We asked 10 men what they most regret about in their sex life, and here’s what they told us in confidence!

What Men Regret: Heartbreaking Stories

  1. “Once, when I was a teenager, for some reason I smeared my dick with toothpaste while masturbating. Damn it, then I quite seriously managed to think that I would probably die. ”
  2. “I was in love with my girlfriend. She knew about my feelings, but we had nothing, because either she was busy or I had a girlfriend. In general, somehow it did not work out. But one day it turned out that she broke up with the guy, and I was alone again. And we started hanging out together. And then one evening she said that her parents had left, and asked if I wanted to stay with her for the night. I was so happy to be able to spend the whole night next to her! Of course, I had no intention of having sex with her at all, because I respected her and did not want to rush her, although I fantasized about it. Well, we lay on the bed and chatted all night long. I was in a T-shirt and jeans, and she was in shorts and a top. When it was time for bed, she looked at me and said she wouldn’t let me go to bed in jeans. I was embarrassed and said that then I would obviously have to take them off. She replied that those were the rules. Well. I took off my pants and, being sure that I did everything right, lay down and fell asleep. Mdaaa … What an idiot I was!
  3. “The worst thing that happened to me was when I went to a concert of my favorite band and got drunk as hell. While my friends were taking their jackets out of the closet, a pretty girl spoke to me. We chatted for about 15 minutes about everything in the world, then my friends returned, and I told her to call me if she wanted to continue the conversation. She smiled and said she would love to do it, but she didn’t have my number. And I answered her: “Well, yes, where would you get it from,” and laughed. She looked at me and silently left with her friends. The next day I sobered up and finally realized that she was flirting with me!”
  4. “The girl I once lost my virginity with recently suddenly moved into the apartment next to me”
  5. “Oh, it was both regret and pride! Once I was at a party with friends at our mutual friend. She was deadly sexy, we joked and drank cocktails. We accidentally ended up in the kitchen together, and we had a passionate kiss, after which she whispered to me slowly to move into the bedroom. Then I muttered some stupid excuses and quickly ran to my friends on the veranda. The fact is that her husband was in the next room with a child. Of course, on the one hand, I regret that I did not sleep with such a sex bomb, but on the other hand, I am proud that I did not destroy her marriage. Let someone else do it, and my conscience will be clear.
  6. “I slept with my then-girlfriend’s mom once. She did not have a man, she looked almost like a copy of my girlfriend, only with breasts a couple of sizes larger. In general, she turned out to be incredibly good in bed, and her daughter never found out about our connection. True, it was a little strange that even after we broke up with that girl, her mother sometimes continues to text me when she was lonely.
  7. “When I was eight, I put my dick in a shampoo bottle. Sometimes I still think about it and feel it burning again.”
  8. “I lost my virginity to the same girl my twin brother did it to. Everything happened with a difference of one evening at a resort in Mexico. It was fucking weird. Hopefully, at least she will have something to remember. Who else can boast of having taken the virginity of both twins?
  9. “When it came time to break up with an ex-girlfriend, she suddenly asked if I wanted to remain friends with her and continue to have sex without commitment. It was a big temptation because she was incredibly good in bed and I still loved her. But after thinking about it for a bit, I decided that just having sex with each other would not lead to anything good in the long run. We both deserve better than this. Although I still miss having amazing sex with her, I know for sure that I made the right decision.
  10. “In my senior year of school, one day after school, I went to a pizzeria, and the girl at the checkout, about my age, suddenly asked me to give her my phone number and winked. This confused me, and I honestly answered that I did not have a mobile phone. “How about home?” she asked. I just as honestly answered that I don’t have a home phone either. Then she smiled and asked me to give her my friend’s number so that she could find me through it. At this point I seriously panicked. “I have no friends!” I screamed in despair and ran away, even leaving my order at the checkout.