1. Does not depend on the amount of sex

“For me, sex is what makes me feel better. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a lot, a little or “enough”. Some people think that sex positivity is constant sex, but this is not at all the case! I just don’t consider sex a reason for condemnation or guilt, that’s all.” Kira, 26 years old.


2. Accept me for who I am.

“For me, sex positivity is not worrying about your body. I have scars that used to make me embarrassed to undress. Now I’m not shy. In addition, I was worried that I was not getting an orgasm, and even imitated it. Now I know how much time I need, and the partner will have to put up with it. Dina, 27 years old.

3. Sex with care and mutual knowledge is a sign of strength

“I know that my sexual adventures will be pleasant and safe. We take care of each other and have a great time.” Evgenia, 21 years old.

4. Don’t Blame Anyone for Wrong Preferences

“To be sex positive is to support people in their choices. Everyone is free to have sex with whomever they want, or do nothing at all. And you can’t blame others for not liking experiments.” Polina, 30 years old.


5. You can and should talk about sex

“For me, sex positivity is an opportunity to openly discuss intimate life. It does not matter if you are engaged in self-satisfaction, sex with a partner or group sex, asexual or a virgin. It is important to be able to speak openly about this, especially since sex is a serious part of the life of many people. Irina, 26 years old.