It’s time for new formats. In fact, the huge downside of “classic” porn isn’t just that it gives the viewer the wrong idea of ​​what sex should look like. But also in the fact that any porn is a product ready to eat, like fast food for your libido. You just click on “start” – and … Well, you understand. But “the soul is obliged to work.” And in the context of porn – fantasy should work. Only by dispersing your fantasy, connecting your imagination to excitement, you will get a truly vivid orgasm and pleasure in the process.


Not all porn is aimed at women, or rather, almost none. This is content that is created by men for men, only 29% of porn viewers are women. Okay, with the usual porn figured out.

What is audioporn?

There are several types of audio porn:

  • erotic stories from the first person;
  • “overheard” recordings of sex sounds;
  • erotic sounds (smacking, moaning, ASMR);
  • dialogue (as if you met a guy);
  • “dirty talk” (dirty talk).

Men or women record audio in which they talk about their sexual adventures: a girl decided to try anal sex for the first time, a man met a sexy beauty on a cruise … In the second category, the “plot” is usually very simple: a guy or girl moves into a new apartment or moves in to the hostel, and in the neighborhood they have a lustful couple. It looks, or rather, sounds like audio porn.


And sometimes, as in the case of “dialogue”, you are one of the pair: like notes in English classes, when the teacher pressed pause and waited for you to answer an invisible interlocutor.

Why is this a new trend and why is it better than usual?

girls from above

The trend for audio porn has not yet come to Russia, and Russian-language resources publish audio stories as an additional option, and not the main content.

Over the past few years, the English-language social networks Tumblr and Reddit, which are not particularly popular in Russia, have gathered large communities where juicy audio stories are published. Is free. One of the most popular channels on Reddit is the Pillow Talk channel, where users upload amateur audio recordings.



It is curious that it is women who often sponsor a new trend. For example, Carolyn Spiegel, the sister of Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, launched Quinn for Women in April of this year. It has the most simple interface, only three options are available to users: “Tell”, “Listen” and “Read”. That is, you can listen to recordings (for free, categorized), read an erotic story, or record audio yourself. The stories, by the way, are rather soft and restrained, more erotica than pornography. And they don’t hire special sex announcers for them, everything is done by the forces of enthusiasts.

Spiegel described her Tech Crunch project this way: “There is no visual content on the site, only audio and stories. The project is open so that people can upload content on their own and share their fantasies.”


There is another project with similar content, also for women: the Dipsea’s app offers stories for women ranging from 2 minutes to half an hour.

New 50 Shades?

The product already has its own audience. Women listen to such recordings because, on the one hand, they – let’s not pretend – excite, on the other – they remain within the framework of ethics. All of the above resources do not encourage anyone to prostitution, they are built on ethical and voluntary (at least, this is their official position) cooperation, which does not imply any other benefit than satisfaction.