Do you really think that in 2050 people will have sex with robots more than with other people?

People are already getting used to this idea thanks to science fiction. Robots are gradually becoming more like people, soon they will receive artificial intelligence and will be able to speak, and you will be able to talk with them. Inevitably, there will be people who will want to have sex with them.


How can sex with a robot be compared to sex between humans?

It can be so much better, which is why I believe it is capable of surpassing traditional intimacy. Human beings usually don’t have superpowers. A robot that can be customized to your personal preferences and knows exactly what you want, can satisfy you with absolute perfection every time. With them, you can get stunning sex at any time.

Another person that you like because of some of their features may not be so good in bed. Sex with him can’t be perfect 10 times out of 10.

I don’t think this phenomenon threatens human sex with extinction. It’s more of an addition. If a woman uses a vibrator to discharge, it does not mean that she does not want a man, it just means that she wants to have fun.


Do you think people are not interested in emotional connections?

Many have a bunch of casual relationships and are not interested in emotional attachment. They just want physical pleasure.

In such situations, robots could get involved. What robots can’t do is genuinely care about you, but they can probably pretend to care about you to the extent that they can mimic having a personality and emotions. But he won’t fall in love with you like a human can.

So you think people will forego human relationships in favor of having sex with a robot?

I don’t think these things will compete. They will exist side by side. People will be able to be in completely happy human relationships and still have sex with robots. It’s the same as having a boyfriend or husband and having fun with a vibrator. The future version of the vibrator is a gigolo robot.



There will be both. Because the robot will embody your wildest fantasies, become your knight in shining armor. He will be able to compete with your boyfriend, who is quite good and you like him, and you love him very much, but he does not quite correspond to your dreams that you have cherished since childhood.

You can love one and fantasize about the other. This does not detract from the importance of relationships, but people want to indulge in their fantasies.

How will this affect married life? Are we going to just do the dishes and watch TV like a normal couple and then go to the bedroom to have sex with the robots?

We might even bring in a robot or a couple of robots as additional partners to spice things up. This is another possibility.


It is possible that people will indulge in bed comforts with robots, which were bought not only for sex, but also to help with the housework. And also for friendship. You will choose a robot that you find beautiful, attractive, and suitable for you, so you may want to have a sexual relationship with him.

This is a competitor to casual relationships, not love relationships. It is important.

That is, they will be intended not only for sex? Will these robots have a personality?

If you want. The key point of artificial intelligence is that it can emulate any personality you choose. The robot will be able to just sit and think about the fate of England, or be fully interactive and talkative and imitate any kind of mental activity.


If you like to argue, you can even get a robot that will bicker with you all the time. Artificial intelligence will be possible to customize as you like.

Tell us about sex in virtual reality. Is a helmet used?

Virtual reality is a concept that has been around since the 1990s. The first virtual reality helmet was a very bulky thing. But VR will reach the point where it becomes truly realistic, and you can walk around the virtual world and communicate in it with people and characters in computer games. Or copies of your idols, if you like.


One of my own inventions is active contact lenses that work like a full high resolution display. If you put them on, you will be able to kiss and hug someone without hitting helmets on your forehead, for example. With their help, you can be in bed with your partner, and see someone completely different.


What effect do you think this will have on human relationships and the ability to flirt?

I don’t think so. People already have the ability to go to a bar and use apps on their mobile phones to find someone on Tinder- or whatever you like. People can already do this. If they just want sex, it’s very easy to do.

You don’t even have to strain to go to a bar and flirt with someone, you just press a couple of buttons, and someone who wants the same thing agrees – and you are dating.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to indulge a little in sex with robots?

I think it’s too early for this technology. Robosex hasn’t been invented yet. The most you can do now is to get a silicone sex doll. They still look vaguely human and can be robotized a bit and can move a little, but so far it’s not quite the same. I think it will be another 5-10 years before there are convincing sex robots.