1. It won’t close

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Popular, including among educated people, the myth that the vagina will tighten or a new hymen will grow in it has no basis. Even without sex, the body produces estrogen and progesterone, and these hormones keep the walls of the vagina in good condition. Like lotion applied to dry hands, estrogen hydrates them from the inside out. The “entrance” can shrink, but only after a combination of menopause and a sexual hiatus of more than five years – again due to hormones.

2. It can dry out

Even if you are not aroused, the walls of the vagina are moistened. But if there was no sex for a long time, lubrication may become less. To solve this problem, you can engage in self-gratification, but in principle, without sex, a little draining of the vagina does not bring concern.

3. Libido can drop

After a long period without sex, sexual desire sometimes becomes weaker. But when sex returns, libido will also return to normal levels.

4. It can be harder to get turned on.

With regular sex, the vagina becomes aroused quickly, but after a break, it may take longer. In this case, the main thing is not to rush and stock up on a sufficient amount of lubricant.