Every loving woman is able to kindle a fire of passion in her man. Each has in its arsenal a whole bag with a set of tricks and tricks that can drive a partner crazy. But sometimes it is useful to ask them about their erotic preferences. Suddenly they will be captivated by the sight of a woman chewing pickles in one of their T-shirts, and we don’t know. No matter how sometimes unusual ways to get a chosen one, causing surprise or a smile, a girl should try. After all, a loving man will strive to please the lady in return.


What is important to know about male libido

Sexual arousal is hundreds of impulses that vibrate throughout the body. This is the anticipation of the desired, which in guys rises from the bottom up. The chain is quite logical and simple: touch, then certain feelings and interest in the girl.

At the same time, it is important to maintain a sense of freedom in him throughout the entire period of the relationship. It works better than any Viagra. This is how the representatives of the stronger sex are arranged: they must be sure that everything, from the pose to the day of the date, is chosen by them. Giving herself to him without pretensions to obligations (let her think so), a woman puts herself on a pedestal in his eyes. And at the same time increases libido.


How to make a guy fall in love with you

For girls, everything goes in the opposite direction – from creating an image, playing the imagination to physical arousal through feelings.

It would seem that understanding these differences gives a woman the knowledge of how to excite a man in bed. But this is not about the latest model of a robot vacuum cleaner that uses a given algorithm. In the emotional and physical recovery of the guys, the coincidence of several important points plays a role.

How to excite for the second time

A man must understand what exactly needs to be done, and what it will give him. Since desires are more significant for a woman, she infects him with them, warming up the necessary sensations and excitement in him. From here it is simply necessary that you both have orgasms, and not just coitus for show. Only they bring a state of satisfaction.

Talking about desire excites guys. For them, it is like a direct signal to action. The words that excite men in bed begin with the phrase “I want to be with you …”. They materialize your individual and general fantasies, becoming a source of sexual energy. In response, you can also listen to his “I want.” The desire of a woman to fulfill them is very stimulating for a partner.

The expectation of pleasure is not inferior in strength of pleasant emotions to the process itself. If you cook a simple dinner, arrange it on beautiful plates, set the table, light candles and turn on romantic music, even buckwheat will seem tastier. The thought that there will be a meeting in the evening excites in advance and keeps the whole day in a state of excitement. Spontaneity is good, but if you prepare, even in small things, warm goosebumps will lead to the pinnacle of pleasure.



How to give an erotic massage to a man

According to scientists, the main component of the formation of male sexual arousal is testosterone. Its level decreases by 1% every year after 30 years. It is generally accepted that a drop in the level of libido is associated with the aging process of the body.

But in their research, scientists found something else. Testosterone decreases most rapidly in depressed and overweight men who have quit smoking. In addition, the degree of arousal and desire is higher in those who have regular sexual activity. The more intimate relationships, the faster and stronger the reaction of a man to the object of desire.

How to write a text message to a man that he will definitely answer

And the state of dissatisfaction entails irritation and anger, general dissatisfaction with life. No matter how hard a woman tries to excite a man in bed, with such a mindset, it can be difficult. Two situations are possible here. In one case, a man wants something, but cannot get it. In another, he has what he does not want. These situations lead to frustration and stress, which explains the loss of arousal.


Ways to arouse a man: a guide to action

The male body responds to caresses just as actively as the female. Empirically, a girl can study her partner’s hot spots and follow them like a treasure map. We will give recommendations that definitely work.

  • Upon returning home, a man can be found in a light robe and with sexual phrases. What words excite a man in bed? Clearly not “take out the bin, honey.” If you say that you have been waiting for him for a long time and took off your panties just in case, there will be an effect of an exploding bomb. Or retell an erotic dream…
  • Remember that looking and touching is about getting guys excited.
  • Kisses, starting from the lips, neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen and down to the intimate erogenous zones, are considered very erotic. A man will be able to quickly excite in bed, it is worth adding an ice cube, cooling his tongue and starting to drive it over his body, as if with weightless touches.
  • Smells send appropriate signals to the brain. There are pheromones and aphrodisiacs that awaken strong desire. Such aromas exude musk, amber, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine. By the way, during the experiments, British scientists found out that men distinguish the smell of a sexually aroused partner from her smell in the normal state. And if it is present, lust wakes up in the man himself.
  • The new and the forbidden attracts a partner like a magnet. If you don’t know how else to arouse a man in bed, try sex toys, think over new positions, take the initiative in your own hands and let him just enjoy the process.



Opinion of men: how to excite them in bed

Possessing the secrets of sexual influence on her chosen one, a woman can achieve the desired effect. What exactly influences his libido? The sight of naturally disheveled hair, a short burst of anger that escalated into a sex reconciliation, or a plaid shirt over a naked body? One way or another, every detail that is significant for him is associated with growing, like an avalanche, excitement that helps to get a man in bed. In a moment of revelation, you can ask him how we did it, from what exactly he is ignited.

“I love it when she leans back in the cowgirl position and touches my scrotum. Incredible feeling! Vadim, 30 years old.

“She sits on top, her back to me, her hair fluttering. She turns her head and looks at me sideways. Denis, 25 years old.


“When my wife and I are having sex in the missionary and she pushes me away and presses her lips to the penis. There is something primal about it, and how nice!” Andrey, 29 years old.

“I like to look a girl in the eyes during a blowjob.” Dmitry, 26 years old.

“I love it when she says she’s about to have an orgasm. Let him scream or moan, I am at the peak of bliss. Egor, 32 years old.

“I love to give her pleasure with my mouth, and at the same time she presses my head more and more.” Oleg, 26 years old.

“She sat on top, pressed my hands to the bed and demanded that I close my eyes. And then it was as if this sex was the last in my life. Wonderful!”. Nikita, 29 years old.

“An unexpected little thing surprised me: after a blowjob, she said that I was very tasty.” Michael, 38 years old.