First of all, it turned out that only 57% of the participants were satisfied with their sex life. Moreover, if the musical tastes coincide with the tastes of the partner, 79.6% are satisfied, and if not, only 43.6%. In addition, “matched” people are three times more likely to have sex with music.

Among fans of country style, 66% are satisfied, blues – 64%, jazz and rap – about 60%. But among fans of pop music – a little more than half.

It turned out that those who listen to the blues can stay in bed for up to 16 minutes (the average is 9-12). Every fourth fan of folk regularly screams in bed with pleasure. Rap lovers are not eager to deliver oral pleasure to their partners.

Another interesting fact: 17% of AirPods owners do not remove their wireless headphones during sex! If he doesn’t answer you, maybe he just can’t hear you.

Fans of reggae, folk and jazz love to be on top in sex, and fans of pop music – from below. Favorite poses of music lovers are “doggy-style” (36.6%), “missionary” (31.2%) and “rider” (19.9%).

Those who conducted the survey do not draw far-reaching conclusions, but it is obvious that those who want to get the most out of sex would be good to have musical tastes that coincide with their partner’s preferences.