Not everyone understands the essence of sexual relations correctly. Sex is not just a physical act with a little foreplay, penetration and orgasm. It can be said to be a multi-dimensional experience that affects the bodies, feelings and brains of both partners. This is a way of interaction between two partners, a channel for the exchange of fantasies and a means of expressing hidden desires.


In other words, the physical, emotional and sensual components of sex come together to create an invaluable experience, good sex is essential for a relationship. And when a couple’s sex life gets worse, they lose not only the way they interact physically, but much more.

Another point: sex is not only (and not so much) about penetration, and it is important to use all the right elements to strengthen the intimate connection. We tried to collect 10 universal signs that sex is really good and brings pleasure to both partners.

gentle touch

It is possible to live peacefully without physical intercourse, but without the touch of a partner, many become aggressive, withdrawn, and may even sink into depression. That is why the warmest relationships and good sex are usually those who treat each other tenderly and have close contact every day. Massage, hand holding, kissing, stroking hair – any type of touch is good for strengthening the bond between partners. Pay attention to how he responds to your touches and kisses. These moments can be as passionate as the sex itself, and they demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance.


sexual desire

People like to be desired by their partners. This encourages them to adventure in bed, the embodiment of bold fantasies and the desire to do everything so that their partner likes it. This is one of the important signs of good sex. But desire is not something that can be aroused with a wave of the hand. It is important to understand what works best for you. For example, do you feel like having sex after a shower or a hard day at work? Tell your partner about it and determine at what points you coincide.


He doesn’t rush the foreplay

Moreover, he does not try to do without it. Simply because he wants to enjoy every second he spends in bed with you. And at the same time, he understands how important it is for you to truly relax in order to achieve results.


Nothing will interfere with your meeting

He will not be stopped by a journey from one end of the city to the other. If the car breaks down, he will use public transport. If they are disturbed from work, he will turn off the phone. What is there. Even if a state of emergency is declared in the region, the first thing he will do is go to you.

Do you want sex at the same time

Some people like to do this spontaneously without an agreement. Others prefer certain days, hours, or times of day. One of the signs of good sex is that you want it at the same time.

You don’t have to pretend

When being next to a guy, you feel that there are no prohibitions – this is another sign of a strong relationship. You can be whatever you want – a house cat or a lioness. Neither of you is pretending or forcing the other to act in a way that is not natural for him.


He understands what you want without words

Casting a glance at you, he knows exactly what you have in mind and is trying in every possible way to assist in the realization of your desires. He can accurately determine, without further ado and your instructions, what sexual behavior interests you at this moment of intimacy. In general, a sign of good sex is when it seems that he can read your mind.

Feeling safe

Good sex is built only on the foundation of trust in each other. First of all, of course, physical: everyone can be sure that a partner in a fit of passion will not cause pain (which was not initially agreed to). But psychological safety is often just as important. Good sex is built only on the foundation of trust in each other. Which implies a sufficiently developed sense of tact to avoid derogatory comments, unnecessary questions, and subsequent discussions of your sex life with strangers.



deep satisfaction

Sexual compatibility on its own doesn’t mean much: for good sex, you need to understand what both of you can do to strengthen the intimate connection. Think of sex not only as an act, but as a language in which you can endlessly improve.

This may take time, because talking about sex is difficult if we were taught to be silent from childhood. Tell your partner what you like in bed (for example: “I love it when you are on top because I see your pleasure” or “call me by my name, it makes me happy”). When you put your desires into words, real emotional needs come out of the shadows and become visible. And you can both satisfy them and enjoy it.


Sex gets better every year

Many couples fall victim to stereotypes that passion subsides over the years, and good sex is possible only in the first years (or even months) after they met. In reality, this is not at all the case. If the partners do not amuse themselves with thoughts that everyone already knows about their lover. If they understand that each person is constantly changing and continue to study each other with interest, sex only becomes brighter, more fulfilling and brings more and more joy. Because real desire is a consequence of respect for the person, whose growth and transformation you observed, whose power was revealed before your eyes. And therefore, true desire is possible only in long-term relationships, and not in casual short-term relationships.


How to check if your sex life is good?

Here are a few questions to help you figure this out:

  1. Is sex a big part of your relationship?
  2. Do any of you remember how often you have sex?
  3. If one wants sex and the other doesn’t, does the initiator get upset/angry?

If you answered yes, you may be placing too much importance on sex. It’s time to stop considering it the only way to have intimate interactions and start spending more time together outside of bed. With negative answers in your relationship, sex matters, but not decisive, this is just one of the areas of life together. Keep up the good work, discuss it more often and use different ways of interaction.


Not only the presence of an orgasm is a sign of good sex. Since making love is, first of all, emotional closeness, in addition to relieving tension, it is important for partners to get something deeper in bed. A sense of security, trust, love, understanding, tenderness, freedom, mutual desire, novelty and development – these are 10 signs of good sex. It is in your power to make intimacy just like that and strengthen relationships with a partner!