We must admit the fact: Thai women, the only ones in the whole world, are able to bring a man to absolute ecstasy with the help of their body. Probably every second person dreams of being in bed with one of them. There is a reason for this: Thais are incredibly skilled mistresses. The sexual techniques they master and the strength of their vaginal muscles are legendary, and sex shows in Thailand are so sold out that queues of those who want to see firsthand what sexual exploits Thai girls are capable of fill the streets of resort towns. The famous erotic massage, which is done only in Thailand, has long haunted the minds of men around the world.

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To find out what Thai women can do, that all the men of the world fall at their feet without the slightest resistance, I decided to go to a special training with expert Ksenia, who shares with you not only her feelings, but also practical advice.


I came to the practical lesson at the SEX.RF Training Center with a certain amount of cynicism and distrust: how can you teach all the wisdom of Thai sex in a few hours? A pleasant discovery awaited me: everything is much simpler than one could imagine! Thai women have no advantage over us, because we are all happy owners of what a man craves most of all – our body. Oriental women take full advantage of the tricks and secrets of their predecessors, thanks to which ordinary sex turns into something new and incredible for a man.


Believe me, your physical form and sexual experience do not play a decisive role on the way to new sexual records (although performing massage techniques, we felt almost like a fitness workout). All that you need to learn from Thai women is an innate humility and a strong desire to bring unearthly pleasure to your beloved. Use your body and put your “anchor” on your beloved, as it turned out, this is our ticket to the fascinating world of sex.


An evening in the style of Thailand will begin as soon as you prepare the ground for its implementation: create the necessary atmosphere with the help of scented candles and buy oil. The rest is a matter of love and your desire. Your man, returning home after a hard day’s work, is set to calm. Let everything be as he wants today. Give him a relaxing massage, enveloping your loved one with gentle hand movements. Body language – instead of a thousand words!

Adored by every man, massage with all the nuances is able to give your man peace of mind and anxious expectation of continuation. And then use your secret weapon used by Eastern women – flowing “kisses” not only with your lips, but with your whole body: breasts, buttocks, hips, hands, which are generously doused with oil. Such kisses, be sure, he had never received before! Use everything that nature has given you. From this picture, any man will be wildly delighted and, like a little boy, will enthusiastically expect continuation. At such a moment, no other woman will be able to capture his attention more than you. Intimate twilight, your naked body, all your actions should be aimed at one good cause: the pleasure of your man. From such feminine humility and a loving look, he will wake up with the feeling that he is not just a beloved man, he is the President of all women, if the best of them gives him true pleasure.


Thai Women Phenomenon Revealed:

  1. Submissiveness and a loving look
  2. Sincere admiration for every cell of your beloved body. Even his heel should evoke genuine love in you. Such beautiful fingers, such silky hair on his body, such graceful auricles you have not seen even in your most secret fantasies.


Thanks to the training, a whole sexual revolution took place in my head, which I was ready to throw out on my beloved man that same evening. Influencing the weakest point of a man – sex, and creating a real erotic show for your beloved, you automatically receive the title of the best mistress, a real Priestess of love.


“To be honest, we didn’t go to the training on the art of Thai sex to have fun, despite the more than frivolous topic of the lesson, but to carry out the editorial task with all responsibility, despite the fact that my brain stubbornly at the word “Thai” on the eve of the vacation issued pictures with coconut oil and glass noodles, and categorically refused to tune into an erotic mood.


By the time we were out of breath and tugging at the leggings and T-shirts the receptionists had asked us to wear, we finally burst into what looked like a fitness room with a bunch of mats and pillows, the class was already in full swing. All the time, while the girls, sitting on the floor, told the pretty coach about the goals of their arrival in the citadel of sex education, Asian motifs poured from the speakers around the hall. After a short introductory course, from which we learned that:

  • Thais can make a man fall in love with them with one adoring look, and an average Russian woman who meets her husband on Fridays with a rolling pin in her hand still needs to train and train such a look;
  • Thai women have so trained vaginal muscles that they can easily draw all your Coca-Cola into their vagina through a straw;
  • You can “anchor” a man to have sex only with you with just two movements before and after the love act itself, performed 7 or 21 times in a certain sequence, and respect and praise for a man is not a humiliation of yourself, but a recognition of the partner’s right to be just as cool, like you, everyone present began to divide into pairs.


It turned out that a practical lesson is by no means a metaphor, and we had to learn how to do the famous body-body massage in practice, but simply massage “body-on-body”.


The guinea pig, that is, the man, each of us had to portray in turn in order to better feel, as they say, on ourselves, all 33 pleasures. After forming a kind of “bed” out of our two rugs, my colleague decided to be the first to get an imaginary member for a while, which I did for the next 30 seconds under the careful supervision of trainer Svetlana (yes, it turns out that it also needs to be laid correctly, otherwise during the massage, your gentleman may be hurt or uncomfortable).

The first part of the Marlezon ballet consisted of the techniques of the so-called “relax massage”, in which the main task is to relax the partner as much as possible and prepare him for subsequent erotic caresses. The fact that a man needs to be relaxed before you start to drive over him with your bare body parts somehow didn’t even cross my mind before: he can fall asleep, after all, and sex with a sleeping guy is not very exciting if you, of course, I did not decide to quietly get to his prostate.


In general, after numerous pressures on various points, rubbing the coccyx and the absolutely unrealistic “Nerves of Love” technique, after which the man was supposed to fall into a state of anabiotic ecstasy, we finally started the main dish – body-body massage.

Warning! For God’s sake, don’t arbitrarily press on all the places in a row, the coach carefully made sure that we clicked exactly on the zones that were needed, and then gave us a whole stack of schemes to study. Otherwise, your man may lose his erection altogether. For good. He won’t thank you for it.

The most important thing in Thai massage is the visual effect. Bring a mirror into the room or put in a glass ceiling. Let him see you rub the massage oil seductively all over your protruding parts and all over his body. By the way, we were also taught this. So now I’m the most exciting oil spiller in the entire universe!


Advice: Massage oil is almost a ritual, so olive and sunflower oils are clearly not suitable here. Not only will your man smell like a frying pan (and, as you know, the strongest “anchoring” occurs on smells, so from now on, the two of you will be excited only when frying pancakes), but all the sheets will be stained. Therefore, it is better to buy in a sex shop a special massage oil with aphrodisiacs and various flavors, absolutely safe for further licking, and most importantly – delicious!

Once you’re all shiny with oil, the fun begins. About how Christina and I tried to repeat all this huge number of techniques on each other, one can make legends. I can only say one thing, we got out of the gym with body aches as after a good workout (note to fitness lovers!) And hiccups with laughter, but with a lot of knowledge in love baggage, which we went to put into practice that evening with impatiently waiting for us beloved. My man was pleased as an elephant, even considering that I forgot about half of the movements from excitement, but I did not forget about the oil. He was especially fascinated by the “Surge of Excitement” technique.

The technique of “Surging Excitation” is performed as follows: a man on his stomach, you sit just above the man’s knees. With your chest from this zone upwards, you make a sliding movement, almost completely covering your partner with you. And you do the same way back. Breast massage zone – buttocks and back, sliding movements, along the trajectory from bottom to top and top to bottom. He will not remain indifferent.