How to create such an atmosphere for yourself and your man in order to get a full set of extraordinary pleasures and not spend a single drop of precious vital energy on organizational events? Rearrangement in the bedroom, scented candles, incense and similar paraphernalia for the “Sultan’s room” had already become boring, something more was needed. How to get from your man, with whom we have been connected for several years of living together, the passion and ardor that he demonstrated in the first months of our acquaintance? Over time, this task was firmly rooted in my mind and, having acquired the clear status of a super-idea, pushed me to look for options for its implementation. As always, an indispensable search engine came to my aid, and I got acquainted with the network of Podushkin erotic hotels, where I invited my beloved, successfully combining the execution of an editorial task with the achievement of my own secret goals.


Oddly enough, the most difficult step was choosing a room from the photo galleries on the site. Eyes ran from the richness of the choice of options. I clicked the mouse, opening more and more new pages, but we didn’t know what we wanted more: to be in the “cave” and, like some Neanderthals, indulge in our primitive passion under stone vaults among the skins of recently slaughtered prehistoric animals, or go to the hall a gothic castle, where the walls are dimly lit by torches and hung with incomprehensible tools, quite suitable for intricate erotic games. We couldn’t make a choice on our own. I had to turn to the hotel administrator for help, who very politely and sensibly described all the possible options, tactfully found out our wishes and offered us a room based on our preferences and expectations. As a result, we settled on a chic room with a promising name “Swing” and a gigantic bed surrounded by huge mirrors. No, we were not going to invite a company of sexually liberated friends with us, it was just that the room was spacious enough and did not bother us too much with its content.



By the way, when placing an order, for some reason I did not dare to give my real name, but introduced myself as Constance. Apparently, at one time, Dumas’ novels influenced my ideas about the rules of conspiracy in love adventures. At the same time, the unperturbed voice of the administrator made me think that my fantasy is not very original, and the hotel has long been accustomed to the fact that visitors often come up with some pseudonyms for themselves.


Let’s be honest: what’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “love hotel”? And now you can forget it, like a bad dream, and take on faith a new truth – Podushkin hotels exist for already established couples who seek to enjoy each other, refresh their sex life and realize their wildest fantasies.


At first, my d’Artagnan and I feared that our plan would turn into a farce, and all we would do that night was carefully hide from each other our embarrassment caused by the dubious surroundings of the love hotel.


Never in our lives have we been so wrong! Entering the room, we seemed to find ourselves in an unknown country, where everything speaks for itself: “Make yourself at home. Take off your bra if you want.” Of course, we devoted the first minutes to a meticulous examination of the room, since both suffer from an incurable form of suspiciousness. My conclusion for those who are as incredulous as me: the Podushkin hotels sacredly honor not only the principles of confidentiality, but also sanitary and hygienic standards, the cleanliness and order in the room are beyond doubt, everything here breathes care for every guest. The atmosphere was so relaxing that very soon we were enjoying splashing in the huge hot tub and listening to pleasant music. By the way, the musical selection can please the most demanding music lover, and the choice of erotic films evokes very immodest fantasies.


Needless to say, all our fears were in vain? Even my companion, who is usually stingy with positive assessments, unconditionally admitted the fact that the whole atmosphere of the room seriously exacerbated all feelings and emotions, filling our union with a new wave of passion. We immediately noticed this effect – the mood improved, mischievous thoughts appeared, eloquent views.

In the morning, leaving our room to start a new working week, I caught myself with an acute desire to return here again, in the world that gave us an amazing night.

As soon as I arrived at the editorial office, I shared my impressions with some of my colleagues in a big secret and was surprised to learn that many had discovered the Podushkin hotels for themselves a long time ago and had been there more than once. And three days later, my not so sophisticated girlfriend called me back and warmly thanked me for the valuable advice: she and her lover spent the night in a love hotel, and they could not tear themselves away from each other until the morning.