How can you give him such pleasure that he will forget in an orgasmic fever about the instability of the currency and the upcoming trip to “our mother”, if every cell and crack on his body has already been studied, all desires, favorite positions and pleasant movements have been learned to automatism? That is, it is not difficult to give your beloved an orgasm, but everything has already become boring. But whoever seeks will always find it, so for completely new and useful knowledge about the male orgasm and my abilities, I went to a practical lesson at the SEX.RF Training Center together with our expert Ksenia.

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As it usually happens, I ran to the training with a short breath, because I was late again. Ksyusha and I were met by a coach who fiddled with beads in her hands, without stopping for a second. Initially, this slightly annoyed me, because I could not take my eyes off these beads. As it turned out later, in this way the sex teacher showed us the full power of psychological “anchoring”: she rang them so strongly that the next time we would certainly remember her, as soon as a similar sound was heard nearby. So she advised to do with a man, if suddenly there was a task somewhere in a public place to be the one and only for him. I twisted the beads around the penis with manual techniques, which will be discussed below, and put them on a meeting with friends. Of course, rinsing the accessory before decorating your neck. Voila! All other women were left behind.

The question arose with an edge: how far can I go, trying to give my beloved an unearthly pleasure?

The first thing the coach asked me was not my name, or the reason for such a stormy and sudden appearance at the lesson – the question arose with an edge: how far can I go, trying to give my beloved unearthly pleasure? Quite logically, each of us will answer that she is ready to go ahead, if only the darling would beat in convulsions of pleasure. If only all thoughts were about my beloved! Otherwise, why would I appear in the walls, where they talk about the secrets of the male orgasm? But I did not expect that they would tell me and even show me two ways: external and internal stimulation. It is easy to listen to, but it is achieved with work and training. External stimulation, as you might guess, includes manual techniques, anilingus and massage of the penis area. Sound scary? It’s hard to embarrass me with such words, so I really looked forward to the second part of the lesson, where we could train on rubber dildos. Having talked about the most secret points of pleasure in men, where the potential bright male orgasm is firmly buried, we went directly to training. And here it is necessary to “nail down on your nose” the Most Important Rule in external stimulation and never neglect it:


Robert Pattinson and other stars who know how to save money

What is savings for others is a lifestyle for Robert Pattinson. He prefers a baseball cap, jeans and a T-shirt to expensive jackets and business trousers. For this reason, he auctioned off the formal vampire costumes as soon as Twilight ended. Instead of a car, Pattinson prefers to use public transport – to the delight of fans who hope to one day meet Rob on the subway. Rob also spends holidays modestly: he goes to inexpensive clubs, and gets home by public transport.

To massage the penis, testicles and everything around, we use lubricant. It is desirable, of course, that the lubricant be silicone (water-based lubricant is good for sex toys). So the sensations are softer, the movements are smoother. A prerequisite is the correct temperature. Before applying lubricant to the body of your man, it should be warmed up in your hands. When we massage, we do not take our hands off the penis.



As for internal manipulations with his booty and adjacent territories, and especially the process of anilingus, not every woman has access to the male fifth point. Moreover, not every one of us is really ready to take on such a responsibility. Perhaps this is more of a psychological moment: in the end, this place will forever be associated for all people with a completely different process that dominates our lives, which can hardly be called sexual. There are, of course, different people with different addictions, but for the majority, the verdict is the same – this is a closed area for any encroachment. At the same time, few people know that there are more than 71 thousand nerve endings in the anus, so you should not write off such an ambiguous place. “I haven’t tried it – you don’t know” is a simple truth, but so difficult for our perception. If, nevertheless, the desire to get to the abyss of pleasure is present in a woman, then there is one very important advice that is brought to listeners in popular language: in order to remove a man’s increased attention to the anal zone, you can shrug his back – one hand moves towards the head, and the other towards the legs. The anus zone loves soft sliding sensations and gentle teasing tongue movements: bring out the rays of the sun with your tongue, imitate raindrops and whatever comes to mind. By the way, it is in this zone that there is simply a brilliant point “for a million dollars” – a point, the stimulation of which will lift a man to heaven.


After the training, I noticed that I had an increased desire to visit a sex shop as soon as possible and pick up a lot of different accessories for myself that can bring new sensations to my sex life. For me it was like a state of passion: it was required to buy something like a delicious cake for the evening with tea, only this time we will do without tea drinking. And in conclusion, I share a technique that caused me a lot of enthusiasm. I think that this is perhaps the most sincere declaration of love of all that exists. In addition, there is a chance to become the first with her man who worships his penis in this form.


Technique “Prayer to the phallus”:

The most interesting and extremely simple manual caress technique, which is often not worth practicing. The name already speaks for itself: prayer deifies a man’s penis. The technique is performed along with a movement that picks up the testicles from the sides. You can position yourself below the man so that the hands move along the erogenous zones on the scrotum and penis. The arms are parallel to each other, the fingers on the palms are brought together. With catching movements from below, we wave up the top of the penis. Hands move at an angle to each other, as if praying to the highest gods. According to this technique, picking up your favorite penis, the palms move up. It will be very impressive if at the same time you tell your man a couple of sincere compliments. Although, these words will not be directed entirely to him, but to his treasure.

Of course, from the “Bright Male Orgasm” Christina and I expected, if not a revelation, then definitely something enchanting. Well, at least at the level of a nuclear explosion or a naked Robert Pattinson suddenly appeared in my shower. Our premonition did not deceive us. We ran into the audience, as usual, in full swing, as we were godlessly late. It should be noted that this “training class” was radically different from the first room in which we comprehended Thai wisdom. No rugs, only glass tables (as it turned out later – for better stability of the rubber “Boris”), mirrors, soft chairs, transparent bags with condoms, lubricant, a rubber simulator and … a crowded room. The latter puzzled us especially, because the clock persistently showed us 13:00, it was Monday outside, and all the seats in the audience were occupied, so we even had to sit in different corners, like unlucky eagles from Tsvetaeva’s poem.



A pretty coach with might and main told us the program of the future lesson to the approving exclamations of the ladies of the Balzac age, who had not yet lost their zest. It must be admitted that there were a lot of ladies “over 40”, at least half of all the women in the hall (later it turned out that for some of them this was already the third or fourth lesson, and their husbands sent them again and again).

Having briefly acquainted with the “students” and having outlined an approximate plan for the educational process, the coach asked us to draw a penis on the handout given to us. Such a banal member, which is usually drawn on the fence (“Balzac” ladies immediately began to fuss, because, according to their assurances, they never painted anything like that on the fence). It turned out that there were so many unexplored places on the master-phallus that we even felt uneasy. No one explained such things to us in school biology lessons, but in vain. In about half an hour, we learned what the “cheeks” of the penis are, how to stimulate the urethra, where the vein groove is located, how to find the dome of the head, and even where the penis has valves (about how much you can do with the scrotum, I’m generally better keep quiet, I still do not have enough space). And of course, why we all secretly gathered here, looking at each other like members of the Masonic lodge – the “million dollar point” and Her Majesty the Prostate herself, which each of us dreamed of reaching. The Million Dollar Point is a different story. As Olga explained to us, this point, which is located between the scrotum and anus, is the projection of the prostate. But it can only be found in a lover in a pre-orgasmic state, like a fern on the night of Ivan Kupala. And those whose gentlemen cherish their ass like the apple of their eye will have to look for it. Otherwise, their “bright masculine” cried.

It turned out that there were so many unexplored places on the master-phallus that we even felt uneasy. No one explained such things to us in school biology lessons, but in vain.

I must say that the trainer devoted the lion’s share of the theoretical lesson to how to bring her darling to the realization that we, women, are trying to get to his prostate not out of female curiosity, but out of good intentions. After all, “a rabbit is not only a valuable fur”, but also the sexual health of our chosen one in the future. “Better to have it done by you during sexual foreplay than by an elderly proctologist in a hospital.” There is nothing supernaturally complicated in prostate massage, the main thing is to follow two rules: no nails (if you part with your manicure beyond your strength, get a special prostate stimulator) and TPS – “only a pre-orgasmic state.” In other situations, the gentleman may react inappropriately.


When we got acquainted with all the anatomical features of our dear men, the lesson smoothly approached the most exciting part – practice. We tormented the rubber butt a little in search of a prostate tubercle, but somehow lazily, everyone was interested in “Boris”, all this time languishing in polyethylene in the company of a sachet of lubricant and a condom. Under the strict guidance of the trainer, we learned how to apply lubricant on manhood with almost a 3D effect, and when everyone present was generously smeared with it, finally, having rolled up our sleeves, we started the manual program.

The coach’s hands fluttered on the Boris and along the way handed out mental “slaps” to those who did not try or did it wrong. At some point, I felt like I was on a more fun variation of the algebra test, when the teacher stands over you “until you decide.” Olga, we must give her her due, stood up to victory and patiently showed time after time, until even the “gallery” began to get something decent. More than 20 techniques in a row, including “Dog Face”, “Bud”, “Heart” and even the sacred “Prayer to the Phallus” were tested by me on the same evening, although the trainer strictly forbade us to make a simulator out of a man. First, everything must be worked out to automatism on Boris. I was honestly going to follow her advice, but my faithful, seeing me up to my elbows in grease, making the rubber “Boris” another manual “curtsey”, could not stand it.

So it wasn’t my fault.