The vagina is a rather complex organ, and many women are confused about how it works. We will tell you interesting facts about the vagina – enlighten your health!

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Interesting facts about the vagina

  • The word “vagina” itself is rarely used, usually preferring synonyms. And the British often use the word “vulva”.
  • The length of the vaginal canal is from 9.5 to 12.5 cm. But when you are aroused, the vagina lengthens a little – mainly due to the inverted cervix.
  • The walls of the vagina are 3–4 mm thick.
  • The fact about the female vagina is that it is very elastic. The vagina can take a giant dick – and shrink again after sex.
  • Vaginal orgasm is not available to some women – to achieve orgasm, two out of three women need clitoral stimulation.
  • The vagina ends at the cervix. It is always tightly closed (outside of the birth process) so that neither a tampon nor a menstrual cup can get lost in the vagina, so never panic about this.


What the vagina is capable of: 7 amazing things

1 She can save lives

Speaking about the facts about vaginas, one cannot fail to mention important studies. Clinical trials are underway to test the safety of endometrial regenerative cells, or “stem cells,” for the treatment of patients with congestive heart failure. These stem cells are extracted – just don’t fall! – from menstrual blood and grown to generate different types of cells in the body.


In this case, stem cells turn into muscle cells of the heart. At the moment, these are experimental studies and not a routine procedure, but if successful, it could help many patients. Facts about the vagina – with the help of its cells, it may save lives in the future.


2. It has a self-cleaning function

This is precisely what explains the transparent or white discharge – speaking of interesting facts about the vagina, one cannot fail to mention the curious self-cleaning function. The discharge is absolutely normal: bacteria and old cells are washed out in this way to prevent any pathogens from entering the uterus.

That’s why it’s important to know these facts about the vagina – you don’t need to wash your intimate places with toilet soap (only special! You can also use baby shampoo): it will upset your healthy pH balance. And no douching!

3. She can change color

As you know, thanks to genetics, these organs come in all shapes and sizes, and not just pastel pink, as on posters in the gynecologist’s office. But here are some more facts about the female vagina – it turns out that it can also change color. During sexual arousal or pregnancy, a rush of blood occurs and the color of the external genitalia changes: it becomes deeper, darker.


When menopause occurs, the loss of estrogen can also cause a change in color: the mucous membrane becomes lighter and acquires a duller hue than before. This is an amazing, but normal property, and nothing to worry about – just another interesting fact about the vagina.

4. She can get stronger

And not just with Kegel exercises (which improve the quality of orgasm). It’s in the pelvic floor. About one in three women suffer from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, which leads to problems with bladder control, urine leakage and pain. And this is not just a problem for older women or women who have given birth. The sad fact about the vagina is that these troubles happen to patients of any age, including young nulliparous girls.


The good news is that it is curable. Doctors confirm that pelvic floor exercises are successful in helping to resolve problems with bladder control. You can make them yourself at home. An important fact about the vagina is that the muscles can become elastic again. In addition, reducing caffeine intake, not drinking too much water (the Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink nine cups a day), and even exercising the bladder – taking longer breaks between visits to the restroom (although overdoing it and driving yourself to a bladder rupture) is useful for such problems. , of course, not worth it!). The recommended break between two toilet visits is about three hours (assuming you drink no more than the recommended nine cups).



5. She can become a penis trap

Next up is a slightly scary fact about the vagina. This rare occurrence is called penis captivus, which means “penis captivity.” During intercourse, the pelvic muscles of the vagina squeeze the phallus a little more than usual, and it becomes difficult to remove it.

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The vacuum created in the vagina is also called the culprit of the phenomenon. Western doctors recommend “lie down, don’t move, call 911.” Russian – insert a partner’s finger into the anus and gently pull down to give air current. The vacuum will be broken, the trap will open.

6. She is capable of many kinds of orgasms.

Clitoral, vaginal, cervical, mixed, and so on – depending on the zone, the stimulation of which led to it.


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And the peak of pleasure is multiple orgasm, which occurs when a woman relaxes a little after the first orgasm, but not completely, and then a new wave follows, and a new one … The fact about the vagina – it can give you a lot of joy.

7. There can be two

Yes, this is very rare, and yet here is another amazing fact about the vagina – some girls are born with a double uterus and the vagina is divided into two separate cavities. At the same time, the girl, as expected, has two fallopian tubes and two ovaries. The insidiousness of this feature is that the uterus can exist in antiphase, and the poor fellow will have to endure menstruation twice a month. Even when already pregnant, such a woman can become pregnant with a second fetus days, weeks or months later.