• Advanced Blowjob: as you move your mouth up and down his shaft, move your hand as if following the curves of a corkscrew, each time sliding over the head when you reach it. He will idolize you.
  • Want more oral sex and less monotonous threshing but don’t know how to say it? Start with sexual correspondence. Write to him: “I can’t help myself and I keep thinking about how your tongue will slide over me tonight.” Add a kiss emoticon, click send. The message will be received.
  • Take a bullet vibrator to bed. The rabbit vibrator certainly basks in the glory, but treating the clitoris with a “bullet” vibration during doggy-style sex is a completely different alignment.
  • While pleasuring him with your mouth, take his hand and drag it down so that he strokes you. Cover his fingers with yours to make sure he touches exactly where you need to climax. The fact that you take control of his movements will excite him even more.
  • Start with a compliment (“I like the way you…”), before suggesting a new move (“It will turn me on even more if you make your fingers like this…”).
  • Annoy him by letting him enter you for a second and then returning to the foreplay you have chosen. Consider giving him a bite of roast before dinner: let him salivate until he deserves the whole plate.
  • Excite yourself and fire up your imagination by reading a book with hot scenes on the eve of a date. You will feel more sensual during the act, imagining yourself as the heroine of that book. And he will never know about it!
  • Make your boyfriend scribble a “menu” of three tricks that drive him crazy and do the same yourself. Then exchange lists and take turns spoiling each other with delicacies from these menus!
  • Practice striptease. Enter the room nicely, sensually walk around him and slowly drop the combination to reveal a corset (or thong and nipple brushes!). Stay in heels for the best effect.
  • During oral sex, the contrast of cold and hot will bring him amazing sensations. If you are not a fan of tricks with an ice cube in your cheek, you can just take turns taking a sip of either cold or warm. (Editor’s comment: Dentists don’t recommend overusing extreme temperature contrasts: it destroys tooth enamel. So don’t overdo it: alternate warm with cool, not hot with icy.) Even simpler: taking the penis out of your mouth, lightly blow on it.
  • Vintage advice from the March 1989 issue of VOICE: “Let your imagination run wild: make love in the car on the local ‘love alley’ like teenagers, or swap houses with a friend and make love in her bedroom.”

    Test report from an expert – 2015: “We didn’t go to the “love alley” because we don’t even know where it is, but sex outside the bedroom is something that I always wanted to try, and never reached my hands. And then we got there, but not far – we tried it on the table. We adults are funny: spontaneous sex is, of course, cool, but first we carefully removed everything from the table so as not to break anything and not damage the flower pot. My boyfriend also paused to gently place a pillow under my back. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the table is more suitable as a support for doggy style, but it was nice to take a break from the bed.

  • Cool gadget that enhances fun for two? Vibrating penis ring. The guy will enjoy the soft vibration around the shaft of the penis, while you will receive the bonus of targeted stimulation of the clitoris with each friction. It also makes the erection stronger and fuller.
  • Are you far apart? Send a package for his… “postman.” Put some sexy lingerie, a tube of lube, maybe a sex toy in the box and send it to him with a note: “We’ll need this on my next visit.” (Editor’s comment: and if the package is forced to be opened at the post office or enlightened before sending it by airmail, don’t be shy: people work there too, they also want to giggle.)
  • If during sex it is “not allowed” to make noise – it turns you on, especially when you feel so good that it is impossible to be silent! Try putting a belt or tie in his mouth and do really bad things to him as you watch him squirm in pleasure and try to get rid of the gag.
  • A great habit for every couple is to kiss every day, and not just kiss each other on the cheek, but a long kiss. Especially if you live together and spend a lot of time doing household chores. You should remind each other that you are not just roommates.
  • Doing this in a public place is a huge risk that doubles the attraction during a rendezvous. It’s best to stay dressed (wear skirts and no underwear for easier access). Do this where you can hear in advance when someone is approaching, and you can have time to hide and clean yourself up – for example, on the stairs. This will reduce the risk of being caught.
  • The most relish of a good blowjob? In eye contact. Take a quick look into his eyes and he will melt in your mouth.
  • Put a pillow or two under your buttocks to raise his hips during missionary sex – and the chances that his blows will reach the G-spot will increase. We swear it will change your life.
  • For two ladies: your partner lies on her side with her elbow propped up and her leg out to the side so your clitoris can rub against each other and you can maintain eye contact.
  • What is sometimes forgotten it’s about the fact that in addition to the clitoris, there are other parts of the external genitalia that also love affection.
  • Vintage advice from the October 2002 issue of VOICE: “Forget about all inhibitions and watch each other when you caress yourself.”

    Test report from an expert – 2015: “Like many long-term couples, our sex has largely been reduced to ‘fuck-fuck-o-what-on-television.’ see each other’s faces. Sitting on opposite ends of the bed, me with my favorite bullet vibrator, and he just using his hand, we felt like voyeurs – in a good way, and I definitely felt closer to him after that.”

  • After shower let him take you from behind while you bend over the sink and look at your damp, hot body in the misted mirror. You get a front row ticket to an erotic show just for the two of you!
  • First ask him if he agrees, but if he gives the green light, use a small vibrator on the bottom of the base of the penis or on his perineum. This is an area rich in nerve endings that lies between his testicles and anus. In the meantime, you can caress him orally. Start with the lowest level of vibration, then slowly increase the intensity as his arousal grows.
  • Sitting in a cowgirl position, turn 360 degrees. Take your time so as not to hurt him and not fall, besides, slow movements look much sexier. So not only will you touch a lot of new sensitive points from different angles that both of you will enjoy, but you will also delight him with a magnificent panoramic view of your body.
  • Don’t know what else to write him sexy in a new message? Simplicity is the key to success. The most exciting SMS is “I want you right now.”
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