It turns out that it takes quite a bit of time to become a master of oral sex. And most importantly, learn to enjoy this process yourself. After all, a blowjob is useful!

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Blowjob: Technique Tips

There are several important recommendations that you need to follow if you want to give your partner a truly heavenly pleasure with the help of oral sex. How to do a blowjob? These tips will definitely help you.


  1. Pose. It should be comfortable. And although it will take a man only a few minutes to orgasm during oral sex, try not to have your legs numb or your arms tired during this time. What is the right way to have oral sex? It is easier for a woman to kneel, and for a partner to sit on the edge of a sofa or bed. For acuity – a mirror behind the woman. This will give a special piquancy.
  2. No foreplay. Among the tips on how to do a blowjob correctly is the absence of long preludes. Unlike women, men treat them coolly. But to warm up, you can run your tongue several times over his penis through his underpants.
  3. Humidity. This is the basic rule – oral caresses should be wet. Walk up and down the penis several times, pressing your tongue firmly against it. In this case, a large amount of saliva should be formed. And remember the blowjob technique – teeth do not take part in this process. The mouth is used only to stimulate the head of the penis. But the hand can tightly grasp the shaft of the penis and make various movements. Moving up and down at the same time with your mouth and hand, you will give a man a vivid sensation.
  4. Caresses of the scrotum. The testicles should be in the free hand. They are very sensitive, so it is not necessary to squeeze them strongly. Tips for girls about blowjobs in this case: while the mouth and hand are working, the fingers of the other hand should gently squeeze the testicles. Then they can be licked with the tongue.
  5. Anal games. Oral sex may involve the prostate and anus. To get started, ask permission from your partner, because many men are categorically against the caresses of these zones. But if your boyfriend approves of anal games, then here’s a tip for you: during a blowjob with your index finger, richly lubricated, get to the anus, massage it lightly, and penetrate a little inside. If you do everything right, a bright orgasm for your partner is guaranteed.
  6. Experiment. Tips for a proper blowjob are associated with the manifestation of fantasy and initiative. Try to move your tongue not only along, but also across, make circular and rotational movements, suck your penis, making smacking sounds. The more fantasy, the more emotions your partner and yourself have.
  7. Swallow or not? Many girls, when giving a blowjob to a guy, ask for advice – is it worth swallowing sperm or not? To some, it seems unpleasant, and someone swallows it without disgust. To competently complete oral caresses, you can keep a napkin next to you, and after an orgasm from a partner, gently spit the sperm into a napkin.



Another option is to let the semen flow out on its own. Well, the last tip of the right blowjob – if you swallow it, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Envelope from hands

What can blowjob techniques be like? Let these tips be always literally at your fingertips. Cover his scrotum with your hands so that the hand rests on the hand. As you move your mouth over his penis, follow your movements with your hands in such a way that the penis is always in an envelope: either in your mouth or in your hands. Do not forget that for this technique you need to lubricate it well so that the skin slides under your palms.

Sit next to, not opposite

Most often, to give a guy a blowjob, girls sit right in front of him – on their knees or squat between his knees apart. Try changing the angle by approaching his cock from the side. Do you want to give a guy a good blowjob? Heed this advice. So he will be able to see your body from a new angle, and it will be easier for you to take his cock deeper.


Start out messy

Start by using everything, furiously and slippery: a lot of saliva or lubrication, a lot of hand movements on the testicles and shaft of the penis, tongue on the head … Surprise him with your pressure (only remove your teeth – this is the golden rule of blowjob), and then create a rhythmic monotonous system to bring him to orgasm. Ideas for a blowjob can come to mind during the process itself. Maybe you will grab the shaft of the penis with two fingers in a ring, or maybe after rhythmic movements you will release the member from your mouth, teasing your partner.

The deeper, the more saliva

Throat blowjob is a special technique, and there are separate tips for performing it. A bit annoying, but helpful. The fact is that by immersing the penis to a certain depth, you will make saliva stand out more actively and thereby better lubricate the penis.



Many guys like to watch women’s hands slide over his cock. Take a moment to take your cock out of your mouth and stroke its head with two thumbs – some young people just go crazy with this picture. What is the right way to have oral sex? Always watch your partner, remember what he likes and what not.


Show yourself

Do not forget to please not only his flesh, but also his eyes. Ideas for a blowjob are not only in the implementation of rhythmic movements of the hands and tongue, but also in the manifestation of your emotions. You can take your dick out of your mouth for a while and show how you like what you are doing (you do like it, otherwise what’s the point of doing it?): stroke your chest, lift your hair so that he can better see how you wrap your lips around him member.


Don’t forget the crotch

More specifically, about a place called the “perineum” – this is the space between the scrotum and anus. For many men, it is very sensitive, so you will be surprised what kind of reaction a simple caress of this place can cause. You can rub him with your thumb while holding his cock in your mouth, or even press down on him with the tip of your tongue – whatever you like. The blowjob technique allows for all the activities that both partners enjoy.

Technique “eight”

Simple and effective, it lies in the fact that you kind of “draw” a figure eight with your tongue along the very tip of the penis. In this case, only the head can be held in the mouth.

  • Lick your palms
  • To catch your breath, look into his eyes and in a slow, long motion lick your palm for extra lubrication. Yes, you may find this more disgusting than seductive, but, from the point of view of some guys, the more frank, the better. Moreover, it really can help you slide on his cock more easily.


If you swallow it, then while it is in your mouth

Sometimes oral sex needs advice – what about saliva? As long as you keep it in your mouth, you somehow swallow saliva. Take his cock as deep as you can without any discomfort, and when he has an orgasm, swallow his cum along with your own saliva, just holding his cock in your mouth. It works provided that he does not have a lot of sperm, and it just mixes with your saliva.