We publish the story of the experimenter about what came of it.

Finally, the stupid song ended, and a lingering sound poured out of the speakers. We started doing everything in slow motion, like we were both stoned. The sensations turned out to be completely otherworldly, everything turned out to be both passionate and romantic. Like you’re half drunk, but clearly aware of what is happening. Slow movements magically force you to focus deeply on what is happening, which brings you to the awareness of the moment, which, according to Eckhart Tolle, is the key to a happy life, so you get an added bonus.

Do not try to do the same with your voice)) If, while whispering obscenities to each other, you also slow down your speech four times, then friendly laughter will spoil the whole idea.

Council approved. Slow is insanely sexy. But first, make sure, damn it, that you are calm, pick up music in advance and be sure to warn your partner about what you are up to. Do not make it a surprise – he may think that something is wrong with you, and instead of sex, he will run to call an ambulance for you.