The Womanizer brand is known for its patented Pleasure Air technology, which has appealed to many users of sex toys. No trauma, ease of use and guaranteed results – that’s what made the girls turn to this brand again and again. A lot of time has passed since the release of the first device, and during this period many new models have appeared. The very first was distinguished by its compactness and bright color – all this was preserved in Liberty, only a lid was added for easy transportation – an indispensable thing when traveling.

The Womanizer Liberty has a soft-touch plastic body, bright color and removable silicone tips. There are two of them in the kit – in case you lose it or if you need a larger nozzle. It is easy to take care of the device – I removed the silicone, washed it, wiped the case with a napkin. But if desired, it can be completely dipped in water – it is waterproof.

Using it is even easier: long press the “Plus” button and then adjust the power. There are six modes in total. To turn it off, we do the same number – just click on the plus.

But the best thing about this model is its size. With such dimensions, it is easy to use it with a partner, and in any position – from above, on all fours and, if desired, from below. With such a unit, it is easy to forget about your young man, so do not arch your back much, otherwise you will lose “contact”.

Now about feelings. In a nutshell, you can not describe, but we will try. For a pleasant effect, you don’t even have to do anything special – the stimulation itself will gradually bring you to excitement, so the device can be easily used for petting. Feelings come gradually: feelings are unobtrusive, rather smooth and, most importantly, comfortable. You control the power yourself, so if you want to slow down, just slow down. If you do not detach the head from the clitoris, after a few minutes (for someone faster) you will experience an orgasm. It can be used both with and without lubrication – from personal experience, let’s say there is not much difference, except that with lubrication a little softer feeling.

In the end, I would like to say that the Womanizer Liberty is a great option for those who prefer clitoral orgasm during sex, and those who do not like to deny themselves pleasure while traveling.

You can buy a stimulator at the “Point of Love”.