A couple extra pounds

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Most men are so excited by the neurochemical cocktail of the hormones oxytocin, testosterone and dopamine that you seem like a real sex bomb to them, completely devoid of flaws.


Breast shape and size

If your left breast is slightly larger than your right, or if you think that they could be larger, it will not matter to a man: he will be happy just to be near them.

Pimples on the body

Of course, we all want perfectly smooth skin, but if you have a couple of pimples on your back or buttocks, don’t worry. He will be so captured by the process that he simply does not notice them.


If it seems to you that your own sweat smell can scare a man away, in fact, the opposite is true. This is a great indicator that his efforts are not in vain, and you are turned on in earnest!

body hair

If you didn’t have time to shave your hair in the bikini area or on your legs before sex, don’t worry. Most likely, he will not even notice it … or will not attach much importance.

Hair and makeup

Men absolutely do not care if your hair is styled and how you make up during sex. After all, they will still try to ruin all the makeup and make a mess on your head.

Vaginal narrowness

The vast majority of men never compare your vagina with other partners. While Kegel exercises never hurt, there’s no reason to worry too much about it.