1. Calm down

Many people fail to enjoy long sex, because they are always in a hurry somewhere. You can put a meditation app on your smartphone and generally try to live in the present. Anything that helps reduce stress levels and tune in to pleasure will come in handy.

2. Plan

It seems that scheduled sex is the plot of a trashy movie, but in fact, such a plan helps to tune in in advance and free up energy for bedtime accomplishments.

3. Balance

The edging technique, when you come to the brink of orgasm, roll back, repeat – and get a more powerful orgasm, can be useful for slow sex. But this needs to be discussed with a partner in advance!

4. Take your time

To fully enjoy leisurely sex, spend more time kissing and hugging. Study each other’s bodies to the last centimeter, try different caress and massage techniques. Breath synchronization will help you tune in for long caresses. To do this, lie down or sit facing each other and slowly inhale and exhale until you succeed.

5. Don’t get distracted

Maximum concentration on what is happening requires darkness and silence, so it is better to do without music and candles. You can even blindfold each other!