There is a very optimistic view of female sexuality, which we support with our hands and feet: every age stage of a woman is a great opportunity to get to know herself and her desires a little better.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

The sexiest age of a woman

Female sexuality at 16 – 24 years old: Discovery time

As a rule, at this age, a girl enters into a sexual life, revealing unknown secrets in herself and her man – what kind of life it is and what surprises sex has in store for a young girl. Every time we strive to learn more, try new and interesting variations, feel the beauty of intimate relationships. Of course, curiosity plays the greatest role here rather than a conscious and correct choice of the first partner. However, the feeling of intimate insecurity is so strong that girls equally want to feel completely safe without neglecting sexual adventures.


Such a young age can play a cruel joke on girls – the sexual “protest” that is peculiar to us can prevent us from overcoming internal contradictions and doubts. At the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that sex becomes proof of our natural feminine strength – if they want us, then we are attractive, seductive and strong. This is what helps us maintain our inner self and raise our self-esteem.


Female sexuality at 25 – 35 years old: Immersion in yourself

At this age, a woman is already well aware of her body and what she needs to do in order to be in harmony with herself. She had already experienced strong emotions associated with a man, from the excitement of first dates to breakups. Now a woman can reach a new level: open up to herself and her man, succumb to temptation and new hobbies. Just at this age, serious passions begin to rage in a woman’s body – the biological clock reduces the connection with a man to the natural needs of becoming a mother and at the same time maintaining her sexuality. The main advantage of a woman under the age of 35 is the desire to achieve her goals. This determination gives her the ability to act and stay on course.


Female sexuality at 35 – 45 years old: Love for yourself

A sense of inner peace is born in a woman: behavior patterns and social boundaries no longer dominate her in the way they used to. It is during this period that the true awareness of one’s nature and self-acceptance comes. If by the age of forty a woman has learned to live in harmony with her own body and desires, then her sexuality begins to be built on the search for new sensations, the study of pleasure. And experience suggests the right decision, which helps not to compromise your own ideas about life and love. The man still plays an important role, but he is no longer her stabilizer, because the feeling of happiness is now so easy to find in yourself. Having revealed the ability to be happy outside of circumstances and feeling all the beauty of this, a woman gains self-confidence, which allows her to assert her desire and easily live her sexuality.


An unpleasant moment of this age period can be the first signs of menopause: bouts of discontent, irritation and a tendency to melancholy are accompanied by physiological changes within a woman – a decrease in sexual desire, vaginal dryness and menstrual irregularities.

Female Sexuality at 45 – 52: A New Threshold

Shock years for a woman who crosses the threshold of her 50th birthday. By this age, the results of their sexuality are often summed up and a solid foundation is created for subsequent years. Now time is running out, so you have to decide on your relationship with a man, sexuality and health. To do this, you need to delve into your life and honestly accept the past in order to create a happy future.



During this period, waves of fear of loss of attractiveness, one’s own importance in the world of women and aging can roll in. But temporary bouts of depression are replaced by bright nostalgic notes: a woman can rebel against nature and feel an unprecedented sexual desire, a thirst for life and a desire for pleasure.

Female sexuality at 52 – 55 years old: A raging hurricane

An incredibly important few years in a woman’s life, when she is a real fighter for her own desire, a sense of sexuality and passion. If earlier the signs of menopause made themselves felt, but were unobtrusive, light and not at all scary, now they are becoming faithful companions of life. Right now there is a desire to cope with all the vicissitudes of fate. And it should be noted that all women win an unconditional victory in this war! Yes, the female body undergoes changes, the internal state is associated with disharmony: irritability is replaced by fatigue, and excessive seriousness replaces natural cheerfulness. At the age of 55, a woman accepts her body like never before and is well aware that she is not a young lady, so all fears of failure are swept aside. The exceptional need for a new wave of erotic experiences, experiments and openness comes to the fore. If this period passes safely for a woman, then her whole being is filled with spiritual clarity, freedom and fullness of life. Creative ideas and discoveries are no longer distant and ghostly dreams, but a very specific goal.


Female Sexuality After 55: Wisdom

To say that a woman after 55 years of age feels the lightness of her body and the absence of problems is somehow stupid and ridiculous. Nevertheless, the thirst for life and the ability to introspection are bearing fruit: now for a woman, her own spiritual impulses become the only life-giving source. Often during this period, a woman receives amazing gifts of nature – postmenopausal orgasms.

To avoid depression and indifference to life, a woman of this age should pay attention to her own health, caring for her body and her sexuality. Of course, orgies and countless sexual relationships are out of the question, but healthy self-esteem and acceptance of one’s own changes can create a real miracle – sexual pleasure is now not just a discharge, but an assertion of one’s role in the world and one’s own sexual incarnation.