We continue to share the most vivid erotic memories that forever sunk into the souls of those men with whom this happened. And the best moments of their intimate life. And also – male wishes of how to make your night unforgettable.

What turns him on: 22 more of the most vivid male memories

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  1. “One day I came home and found… A path of photographs leading to the bedroom. Each photo was of my girlfriend, minus one of her wardrobe items. When I finally got to the door, there was the last photo – and in it my girlfriend was completely naked.
  2. “I love it when my girlfriend touches my household like she’s never seen it before. No, she is not an innocent girl, but she pretends so funny.
  3. “I love it when she puts a few pillows under her head to see what’s going on between us – in the truest sense of the word. It turns me on incredibly to watch me enter her and know that it turns her on too.
  4. “The girl sat on my lap and pulled my head towards her so that my face was buried in her bust.”
  5. “She put a pillow under her butt during cunnilingus. I was comfortable when her hips were higher, and I was able to please her for longer.
  6. “My ex-girlfriend loved to push me away, take my cock out of her and move it around a little outside.”
  7. “I love it when she gives me a light scalp massage after I cum. It helps to relax quickly.”
  8. “I love sex with loud upbeat music – it inspires me to move faster and have a blast.”
  9. “I go crazy when she tickles the head with the tip of her tongue. It won’t be possible to finish quickly in this way, but the buzz is incredible. ”
  10. “Take me to the floor during sex – the sensations become new!”
  11. “The best blowjob I got was when I hung on the horizontal bar. The tension in the muscles of the hands plus the bliss that she gave me – it was an explosive mixture.
  12. “My girlfriend and I found the best oral sex position ever: I kneel at the head of the bed with my back against the wall, and she lies on her stomach and pleases me, and I can see all of her delicious body.”
  13. “Run your fingers around where the testicles attach to the body. It’s nice”.
  14. “Run my dick across your lips like you’re putting on lipstick.”
  15. “One woman I knew ran her finger from my testicles between my buttocks to my back and back. It was very exciting.”
  16. “My girlfriend sometimes wrapped her fingers around the base of the penis during sex, intensifying my sensations.”
  17. “I love it when a woman takes some hand milk when she strokes me there. Her touch becomes silky.”
  18. “The importance of stilettos cannot be underestimated. You don’t even have to wear them all the time – just put them on before we make love.”
  19. “My blonde friend got into bed one day wearing a long red wig. The next week, she was short-haired brunette. I felt like I was with a new woman every time.”
  20. “More morning sex, please! This is the most pleasant awakening.”
  21. “My fiancee blindfolded me and rubbed her body against my face. According to the rules of the game, I could only use my lips and tongue to determine which part of the body I felt.
  22. “One night during sex, my girlfriend stopped and pointed me to a video camera that she set up in the corner.”