1. Your partner is hot. Literally. Togo and look his touch will burn through you.
  2. At the words “Niagara Falls” you imagine not a romantic trip to the North American continent, but those buckets of sweat that pour from you at the slightest attempt to move.
  3. The sexiest thing he can do right now is to fan you.
  4. You love Sex on the Beach. I mean, a cocktail, and not when there is sand in all places, and onlookers giggle behind the bushes.
  5. Making love in the water is more fun than enjoyable. Still, water is a poor lubricant. But when he picks you up, you don’t have to worry about how “weightless” you seem.
  6. No matter how many wonderful sunscreen products are produced, one of you – or even both – no, no, and even get burned. The result is a new way in your arsenal: he slowly smears sour cream on your back, and you squeak plaintively.
  7. You barely have time to wash clothes and underwear. Five minutes of activity in bed is a new bookmark for the typewriter.
  8. Even the most shy couple will have to give up sex under the covers. This in itself is great! But, apparently, they wrote about it in VOICE for mosquitoes. Because they already know and are feasting with might and main. Perhaps in such a situation, the classic exclaimed: “Oh, the summer is red! I would love you if it were not for the heat, and dust, and mosquitoes, and flies!

Ok, now think about winter. Ice hands and red noses. When you have such a bad cold that all you want is for him to bring you a cup of hot milk with honey and a third blanket. And about how scary it is to dive into bed without a heating pad. Yes, and having sex in a snowdrift is also not ice. Well, did you feel better?