So, how to get pregnant the first (or at least the third) time? First, calculate ovulation and have sex on the right days. This can be done using pharmacy tests or simply by counting 14-16 days from the start of the cycle. Secondly, choose the right positions for conception. Of course, you can get pregnant in any position, but some of them are especially effective.


The best positions for conception with photos from VOICE Kama Sutra

missionary position

Many experts agree that the best position for conception is the most standard one. You lie on your back, and the man is on top. This option is considered boring by many, but it is in the missionary position that the genitals are located as correctly as possible, and the sperm reaches its destination faster. The advantage of the position is that you can look into each other’s eyes and kiss. To enhance the effect, bend your knees or place them on your partner’s shoulders for deeper penetration.

Doggy style

You are on your knees, and the man is behind you. In addition to the fact that in this sex position there is an active stimulation of the G-spot, it also increases the likelihood of pregnancy several times over. Due to physiology, the uterus in this case will be located slightly lower than the vagina, which will give sperm direct access to the egg. In our VOICE Kama Sutra you can see the conception technique in pictures. Nothing complicated, just a classic!


Poses for conception with the bend of the uterus

In some girls, the uterus is bent in relation to the cervix, which often causes difficulties with fertilization. If you have this problem, don’t panic, instead, diversify your sex life and try new options.


Pose on the side when the man is behind. You can caress him with your free hand, and he can stroke your chest and body. To increase sensation and reach orgasm, lift your leg up. This option is considered successful when the uterus is bent, as you can slightly change its position in relation to the cervix, thereby increasing the chances of fertilization.

Birch: an additional trick

Judging by the reviews on the forums, many girls with a bend in the uterus were helped by performing a “birch tree” after sex. Why don’t you try it too? Lie down on a bed or on the floor, lift your legs up, holding your lower back with your hands, and lie down like this for several minutes.

So we found out which position is best for conceiving a child. Pay attention to the fact that there are several unfavorable options in which the likelihood of getting pregnant is reduced. Among them, sexologists distinguish standing positions, as well as the famous “rider”.