One of the most intimate options for those girls who trust their partner as much as possible. In general, no instructions are required: just imagine the dogi-style standing position.

In what position to have anal sex? All the same standard “spoons”, only more frank. This position allows the girl to relax, and the man can additionally caress his beloved with his hands.

To do this, a man needs to be in good physical shape! Firstly, he will have to take care not only of his pleasure, but also of the pleasant sensations of his partner, and secondly, all the emphasis is on his hands: you need to maintain balance in this riot of feelings!

If in the previous position the whole “hit” was held by a man, then here the girl should have a good stretch! Take your time to use this position if anal sex is new to your sex life.

If you really trust your partner and experience intense emotions from anal sex, try this anal sex position. It is especially good if you love it when a man dominates in sex, because he will be responsible for the speed and depth of penetration!