“Coffee, tea or me?” – such a simple question requires only one affirmative answer from your man. The well-known proverb about porridge and butter could be slightly altered and say “you can’t spoil the morning with sex.” Starting your day with such truly pleasant sensations, you charge yourself and your beloved man with vivacity for the whole day, strengthen immunity, reduce stress levels and, which motivates many women, spend calories in the name of a beautiful and fit figure.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

In terms of physiological benefits, it has long been established that morning sex is much healthier and more enjoyable than exercising. Enjoying your beloved man, in addition to the main muscles, you strengthen the muscles of the arms, pelvis, priests and chest. During sex, the rhythm of breathing is restored and blood circulation improves. So drop the dumbbells and run under the covers!

Couples who practice sex in the morning are focused and calm during the daytime. And opponents of such exciting awakenings are more irritable and indulge in stressful conditions, and their blood pressure is higher and more often deviates from normal levels. Well, who among us needs such problems? The recipe for your good mood and peace of mind is simple: sex every morning. No breaks or weekends.

And besides, who among us has not sinned with fatigue and a headache in the evenings after a hard day? And in the morning we are full of strength, energy and desire. According to many studies, morning sex can bring much more pleasure than daytime, evening and even nighttime. The fact is that the concentration of hormones that awaken passion in the morning is 25% higher than at other times of the day. So sex will be of high quality (which cannot be said about duration). Thus, you will have time to get your portion of morning happiness, and there will still be time left to pamper your loved one with a delicious breakfast and get ready for work beautiful and contented.