Vibrating eggs are small round-shaped vibrators that you can use for both solo and pair games. You insert it into yourself and turn it on. Usually they work from the control panel.

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Such a cutie

She looks (I know she’s a neuter vibrating egg, but I can’t help feeling that my new toy is her) really turned out to be pretty: a four-centimeter hot pink baby with a plastic remote and a strap to attach the remote to her hip . I liked the color, I generally prefer that sex toys are bright, muted colors are enough for me in everyday life.



Soft medical silicone is your best friend, if anything. It is so pleasantly silky that I would not refuse to buy a separate blanket made of such material and wrap myself in it when I am sad.

But what caused me the most distrust was the thread. I pulled her so many times that it’s amazing how she didn’t come to life and shout: “I got it already! Pull your leg!” If you are familiar with the fear that the string from the tampon will come off and it will remain inside, you will also understand the fear of vibrating eggs. What if? .. Judging by the fact that I am typing this text from home, and not from the gynecologist’s chair (which would be even piquant), the thread is still in place.


Where and why?

Since paired games are for wimps, I tell you the principle of solo use of the device. You put on a strap with a remote control on your thigh or pull out the strap, and you hold the remote control in your hand, turn it on and either apply it to the clitoris or insert it into the vagina, as you like.

The toy is splash proof, which means that it is not waterproof, but nothing will happen to it from a small amount of splashes.


One button is used to turn the device on and off. A pleasant exception from this world of complex gadgets with their control. As if the producers unanimously decided: “Pleasure through pain. Until he figured out a billion buttons, the strength and frequency of pressing them – let him masturbate with his fingers! The baby has 10 vibration modes, but I advise you to try them out before inserting them into yourself. I mean, I’m tempted to shove first and vibrate later, but it’s best to test it on your hand first, because the vibrating force can be quite aggressive.


I liked the one that does the “woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” like on a swing. Not too fast, but the vibration is on the rise. Another life hack: you don’t need to insert the vibrating egg deeply, the most sensitive area of ​​​​the vagina is a couple of centimeters at the entrance.


How to use the toy as a couple? The idea is that here you insert the vibrating egg quite deeply, turn on the vibration, and your partner has classic vaginal sex with you. His cock comes into contact with the vibrating egg, which makes him feel good.

Pros and cons

So overall the feedback is very positive. I liked that there are a million ways to use the baby egg: those who can’t stand vaginal stimulation and those who are not enthusiastic about clitoral will find their own way. I liked the vibration modes, for once they did not seem redundant.

I didn’t like that the instructions didn’t say anything about whether the toy can be used for anal stimulation, for example (I’m still not sure about the strength of the string). And yes, I think it is imperative to write in capital letters what to do if something goes wrong.

I think this baby will be on my list of favorite toys.