Drive away boredom and routine, especially when it comes to the most cherished – sex. Discover a new summer world when you can plunge into the abyss of passion and discover new talents in yourself. For example, sex during a hike or in the village with your beloved grandmother. Why not?

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On the beach

Yes, a summer classic. But sex on the beach is number one on the hot sex list! How many books have been written, how many films have been made on this topic, and you still haven’t had your share of beach fun? We have several arguments that should convince you of the correctness of this advice: the sun, the sea, the sand and your hot bodies. True, even here there are “pitfalls”: do not forget to take care of protective equipment (in every sense of the word) so as not to get sunburn with an orgasm, and choose the right place where there are no prying eyes of tourists.


Boat sex

It’s hard to even imagine that in winter! When going fishing with your loved one, take a sexual mood with you, and then trust the chance. By the way, the opportunity will definitely present itself if you find the right pace, and the oars are firmly fixed. This is a prerequisite if you then do not want to swim to the shore. Such a sexual adventure has its own tangible plus: a romantic atmosphere, a beautiful view, a bottle of wine and you, in love and tender. The only thing we want to warn you about – do not make your choice in favor of motor boats, because this threatens with big troubles.


Sex in a tent

Like sex in a boat, this location is suitable for people who are not afraid to merge with nature during the trip. Just imagine: fresh air, birdsong and… your hot breath. Agreed to go with your loved one to the forest? Then get the most out of this holiday! Just do not forget about the fragility of the structure: tents are unstable in front of an avalanche of passion that has fallen on lovers. Choose proven poses! For example, “spoons”: lie on your side, you back to him – he enters you from behind, caressing your clitoris.


Sex on the train

Only not in a reserved seat, in order to save yourself from the condemning looks of other passengers, and the rest – at your request! Pick up the pace, synchronizing with the rhythm of the train: “knock-knock, knock-knock.” Your man will surely like this location, because this is a great start for a trip!

Sex in the hayloft

When this thought arose in my head, Russian literature immediately came to mind: only the lazy did not describe love in the hayloft. Indeed, this has its own charm! You should definitely try sex in such an interesting place, at least to tell your grandchildren about your youth (after they come of age, of course).

Sex under the stars

Probably the most popular girl fantasy: two lovers, night, starry sky. You can first try to catch a shooting star, but the desires are already clear. So let’s not waste time! Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket with tasty sandwiches and juice, and a thick bedding (like a yoga mat). The choice of location, of course, is entirely up to you, and the amount of clothing depends on the proximity of other people. You don’t want to be watched by other couples, do you?


Sex in the maze of fear

What could be more original? You buy two tickets to the labyrinth of fear, where all the conditions have already been created for you: pitch darkness and another group of tourists passes every five minutes (you can frighten them with your sighs). The main thing is to find a secluded place where even a curious person will not accidentally go.

Sex in a hammock

If the hammock is well tied, and you and your partner can keep balance, then you will definitely like this option! Creating the right pace in a hammock is as easy as shelling pears, it is important not to fall, so as not to get dislocated. The rest is out of order!

Sex on the hood of a car

A truly seasonal option for sex! Particularly suitable for long trips outside the city, where it is quite difficult to meet a large flow of cars, and rare passing cars can only add fire to such a sexual adventure. And if you and your beloved are adherents of the classics, then you can have sex in the car, even in a traffic jam or on the side of the road – as you wish. Just show your imagination!


Sex in the field

Sex in the field, in the meadow, but anywhere – what’s the difference if you left the city? Of course, it is better to prepare a blanket in advance so that there are no traces of blades of grass, dry branches or insects on your bodies. Take care of your tender body!

Sex near the tree

Perhaps the most accessible location for sex. The technique is ridiculously simple: you press your back against a tree, he presses you, picking up your hips in his strong hands (at the same time pump up your arms and hips). Just choose a tree for yourself somewhere away from public places: you don’t need the disgruntled looks of mothers with strollers and grandfathers with dogs.