1. Let’s reveal a terrible secret: filmmakers admit that they, too, do not go so smoothly from the first take.

Standing sex requires coordination, strength and balance. The beauty of this difficult position is in spontaneity: you love each other where passion has caught you, which is especially great if you are an experienced couple and you want to take a break from the routine of the matrimonial bedroom.

2. Standing sex is best when you are about the same height. so if one of you is shorter than your partner, then he will have to stand on some kind of strong step so that your eyes are on the same level. Have your man bend his knees slightly to enter you and then slowly straighten up.

3. Slightly lean back to feel with each push how your clitoris rubs against his pubis. If you crave deeper penetration, try standing on one leg and wrap the other around his legs. Have him hold your hips for balance.

4. Do not try to make particularly sweeping movements, otherwise he will slip out of you. For a change, you can move not only back and forth, but also – quietly – from side to side.

5. Weightless girls and guys of athletic build are even easier: you can hug him around the neck, he will lift you by the hips or put his hands in the lock under your buttocks, and you will wrap your legs around him. In this position, you will be more comfortable if you lean against a wall or other hard surface.

6. Another vertical position: stand with your back to your partner, bend at the waist and let him enter you from behind. The advantages are obvious: he can penetrate you as deeply as possible, and even his hands will remain free for caresses and hugs.