Khloe Kardashian


Big sister Kim can give real oral sex classes! According to her, this particular type of sex is her favorite and desired. Well, what does Chloe say?

“Always use enough saliva and don’t forget the extra hand stimulation!”

Dita Von Teese

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese says that the most important thing in sex is seduction, play and belief in one’s own attractiveness. She talks so much about self-love that we have no doubts: Dita knows exactly what she is talking about!


“In order to seduce a man, it is not necessary to be beautiful. Seduction is primarily a game.”


Rihanna and other stars who got revenge on their ex

Immediately after breaking up with Drake, Rihanna went out almost naked. A completely transparent dress from Adam Selman, studded with Swarovski crystals, clearly demonstrated the beauty of the singer’s body, and a fur cape helped her cover her intimate places, which, by the way, did little to save the situation. The loud exit of the star immediately overshadowed the talk about her break with the musician – now everyone was discussing only her bold image!

“I don’t understand why women constantly point out their flaws. If someone is convinced that you have a great ass, for God’s sake, do not dissuade him from this.”


Scarlett Johansson


The Hollywood actress and one of the main sex symbols of our time is not afraid of experiments and is always ready for madness. For example, in your own car. Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself somewhere in the Los Angeles area and see Scarlett’s parked car, do not rush to knock on the windows: it is quite possible that she is there with her beloved husband!

“Sex in the car! When you want something really slutty and crazy, the back seat is the place to be.”

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is everyone’s favorite. And really, how can you not fall in love with this wonderful girl who also knows how to laugh at herself? Cameron herself says that the main thing is to be yourself. Even in sex. And for some reason we believe her!


“Doing nothing of yourself is what is sexy. It doesn’t matter if you are timid or, on the contrary, you feel a hellish pressure in yourself. But if you start pretending, it will definitely be noticeable and end in nothing.



Little Ri-ri claims that she never follows the rules, only breaks them. But this is in life and music, but not in sex. In such intimate matters, there is only one rule – to protect yourself. The Barbadian singer claims she never has sex without a condom. And Rihanna advises everyone to wear sexy lingerie!

“Always, at any time of the year, you need to wear sexy underwear. Even if you wrap yourself in a fur coat, you must not forget that at some point you will have to take everything off yourself.”

Jessica Alba



The dream of millions of men is never shy about talking about sex. Also, the actress is not shy about her love affairs:

“I think a woman should not be ashamed of the fact that she loves to have sex. To be honest, I’m the kind of person who could very well wake up in bed in the morning with a stranger and a face like “Sorry, what are you doing here?”

Jennifer Lopez


There are a lot of stellar handsome men among Jay Lo’s fans, so she ate a dog in love affairs. And he knows firsthand about all the male mistakes. Remember the famous ad for men’s deodorant, when a man imitates caressing his nipples by tuning the radio? So, you don’t have to do this!

“Guys, believe me, when you start doing this, the only thing a girl thinks about is “God, when will this end!”

Eva Longoria



The height of the Texas actress is only 157 cm! But Eva rightly believes that dynamite is stored in small boxes … We believe in this sexy little thing. And Longoria advises every girl to learn to listen to her body and accept her sexuality. Sex toys that Eva gives away to her girlfriends will help a lot with this!

“I started enjoying intimacy only after I started masturbating. I bought my first vibrator a few years ago and it turned my world upside down. Now I gave the “rabbit” to all my friends. And they just squealed with joy when they saw what a surprise I had prepared for them. I think an orgasm is the best gift.”

Keith Hudson


Charming blonde believes that sex is always great. But the best sex is possible only with a loved one.

“Sex is the best thing in the world… It’s impossible not to love it once you get into it. But it’s still much better when you love someone – don’t forget that.”

Mel B

The former Spice Girls hottie isn’t afraid to add some accessories and play to her sex. It seems that serious passions are raging in her bedroom!

“I love sex. He is extremely important. But I don’t have to take this whip home with me. I just have the same one.”