Is there a technique, guided by which, my partner and I could experience an orgasm at the same time?

The difficulty is that a woman needs more time to climax than a man. There are techniques that teach the stronger sex to delay ejaculation (pressing certain points on the penis). And also poses in which the G-spot is stimulated (for example, you lie on your stomach with your legs clenched, it enters from above at an angle) or the clitoris (Edward Achel technique). Try everything! There is no universal way.

I recently heard that masturbation is harmful: there is a habit of having fun under certain conditions. Then it is difficult to achieve orgasm with a man. This is true?

True, but only two kinds of situations are dangerous. One: you use the shower. Water is a powerful stimulant. It is supplied under pressure and has a specific temperature. And your body gets used to it. Needless to say, a man cannot reproduce these conditions. The second case: you pay too much attention to the clitoris. If you haven’t had a vaginal orgasm, then forgetting about the G-spot when caressing alone, you put it off for a long time. If you know what a vaginal orgasm is, but still follow the simple clitoral path, then over time, achieving it can turn into a problem. The solution in both cases is dual function vibrators, stimulating both inside and out.

My boyfriend has a lot of ideas, and I feel like I’m not ready to experiment. But he is the person with whom I would like to spend my whole life. I’m afraid to offend him with a refusal.

What do you understand by the term “experiment”? Does your partner insist on something extreme, life-threatening? If so, then a softened rejection (“Some other time, dear!”) is the answer he is mentally prepared to receive. In addition, if there are really as many ideas as you say, among them there will definitely be one or two more or less neutral ones that fit into the framework of standard male fantasies. The most “terrible” of them is a deep throat blowjob. He is taught in special courses, you can also watch video instructions on the Web.