1. Rear view mirror

This pose is reminiscent of reverse rider, but with some modifications. First, he sits and holds your chest. Secondly, you recline on him with your legs stretched back and resting your hands on his knees (or on the bed next to him, if he is so uncomfortable). So, everything looks great: a comfortable position for sex, and he also gets a great view of your back and hips. And if you wish, you can add light flip flops.

2. Eagle eye

Take a doggy-style pose, then lift the lower half of the body and wrap your legs around his waist. A great view will open in front of him, but for now you can sit down on the bed and enjoy.

3. Breast massage

If you like touching your breasts, lubricate them, sit your partner on the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor. Give him a blowjob using not only your mouth and hands, but also your chest. For complete happiness, take a vibrator in your free hand to stimulate the clitoris.

4. Pure strength

Lie on your back, lift one leg to the chin and bend, straighten the other. While your partner is giving you oral pleasure, he can press his cheek against your ankle and enjoy the view.