sexy massage

sexy massage

No one will argue with the fact that sexual relations are an important part of our lives. But sometimes its quality leaves much to be desired, the reasons for this may be different – misunderstanding between partners, lack of diversity, improper sexual education, etc. A good way to diversify your intimate life and increase your own sensitivity is a sexual (erotic) massage.

Types of sexual massage

It goes without saying that the division of sexual massage into female and male. This division is due to the fact that the erogenous zones in men and women are located on different parts of the body. For example, women traditionally like breast caresses, and a man may be indifferent to such touches. Although, the location of erogenous zones also depends on the individual characteristics of a person. So there can be no ready-made scheme of movements here; you will have to find out what you and your partner like experimentally.

Speaking of sexual massage, one cannot fail to mention Thai massage. It is he who is perceived by most men as the sexiest of all types of massage. The procedure begins with gentle stroking of the back with the palms, after which the man rolls onto his back, and the strokes move to the chest, abdomen, inner thighs, anal area and genitals. Initially, sexual Thai massage is done on the couch, subsequently moving the man to the bath. During a joint bath, the massage is continued with the help of various parts of the body – chest, buttocks and thighs.

And of course, we can not say about the sexual massage of the prostate for men. It can be done in two ways. The first is a direct effect on the prostate by inserting a finger into the anus. But not every man is ready to let his partner so close. In this case, you can use the second method of prostate massage, stimulating the area between the anus and testicles. But in any case, you need to get close to this sensitive area after relaxing the man. You can start with a light massage of the buttocks or blowjob.

How to do a sexy massage?

In order for the massage to be a success, it is necessary to prepare for it, create an appropriate environment that will help partners relax. Although, there is an opinion that only ladies need all these candles, music and aroma oils for sexual massage, the process itself is more important for men than paraphernalia. But here, too, everything is individual, and who better than you to know what your man likes? But be that as it may, it is necessary to do sexual massage where it is convenient for both partners. Hands should be soft (lubricate them with oil or cream), warm and with neatly trimmed nails. It is advisable to take a shower or bath together before the massage.

Sexual massage technique

Of course, erotic massage is aimed at increasing sexual arousal and achieving orgasm, but you should not immediately pull the handles to the genitals. Therefore, massage begins from the back, chest, how to do sexy massagefeet or head, gradually moving to the main erogenous zones. In women, these are the labia minora, mammary glands, vagina, clitoris, inner thighs, toes, neck, etc. In men, the spread of erogenous zones is not so great, basically they are all located in the genital area. Strong excitation appears with pressure on the root of the penis, rhythmic shifting of the skin on the penis, caresses of the head of the penis and testicles.

Any person will react to the caresses of these areas, but the level of sensitivity is different for everyone, so someone will be driven crazy by gentle gentle movements, while someone needs more confident stimulation.