Everything is simple here: your partner lies on his back, and you climb on top. You can sit straight, or you can lean forward or backward, leaning on your own hands.


Move your hips in a way that works best for you and your partner.

Some prefer up and down movements, while others simply move their hips in a circular motion. Try both ways and decide which one is better.

This pose works because here you decide when your partner can climax.

If you feel that he is ready to come, lean forward so that the penetration becomes less deep and he lasts longer.


Lying facing each other, place your top leg on his thigh. In order for him to insert the penis into the vagina and be able to perform frictions, a little training will be required.

The peculiarity of this position is that you can hug and kiss, but the penetration will not be deep.


This position works because it makes sex more intimate and longer so you can enjoy each other for longer.

But avoid doggy style!

The knee-elbow position, as its name implies, is simple to disgrace. That’s why she’s good!

But in this case, this position does not work, because the doggy style is great for stimulating the G-spot.

And in this position, your partner gets full control over the depth and speed of penetration, which he will use with pleasure.

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